Té, Zen y Qi Gong con Wu De y Dave Melladew

Té, Zen y Qi Gong con Wu De y Dave Melladew

Profundiza en tu práctica de meditación, el Camino del Té y Qi Gong con Wu De y Dave Melladew.

*Las enseñanzas y actividades ofrecidas en este retiro serán en inglés.

Delve into the ancient tradition that unites Zen and Tea, move, breath and discover how to live more consciously in your daily live:

✔️ Meditate daily on dawn and dusk.
✔️ Attend tea ceremonies by Wu De and have time for group tea practices.
✔️ Enjoy QiGong sessions in nature, acupuncture treatments as well as herbal and wellness consultations with David Melladew.
✔️ Listen to these two experience teachers lecture on these tree topics, weaving their teachings through each other.
✔️ Immerse yourself in the soothing nature of the Spanish Pyrenees.



Duration of the Retreat

The retreat starts on September 27th at 17:30h with and introduction, followed by a light dinner and the opening of the retreat. Participants can arrive from 15:30h to 17h  to set in. The retreat finishes on October 6th at 8:30am, after a breakfast.

Words from Global Tea Hut


“The last four years of Zen and Tea retreats at Casa Cuadrau have changed the lives of so many! Casa Cuadrau is a gorgeous center, built brick by brick with love and light, and going there has become such an important part of our lives that we couldn’t imagine a year without it. It is a part of us now: our sister center, our light and love. Daniel, Katya and the entire staff at Casa Cuadrau understand the meaning of hospitality and the great work of service. The food, accommodations and care are simple, nourishing and held so beautifully.

​The hikes in Nature fill the soul with a lifetime of expansive quiet, space, breadth, depth and a deep connection to the natural world all around. The landscapes of this area are breathtaking and hiking every day in silence is life-changing. Daniel is a special guide, as well. He knows and loves the area and is passionate about sharing it with us.

​As we move into the historic fifth year of retreats at Casa Cuadrau, we would like to announce a very special year. This special fifth year will be different than all the retreats we have ever done. Even if you have already attended a retreat or a few (Petr), you should consider coming back for this epic year. This year, we are very excited to announce that Wu De will be co-teaching with Dave Melladew once again for a very special retreat of Tea, Zen & Qigong!

About the retreat

The entire ten-day retreat will be held in silence, as previous years. There will still be silent hikes every day, as well as a day-long hike in the middle of the retreat. We will still learn and practice meditation, tea and Zen, as we have in past years, though a bit less. But along with the hikes, meditation, tea and Zen discourses, we are also adding two Qi Gong sessions every morning and evening (outdoors if weather permits), lectures on Chinese medicine by Dave Melladew and one individual, private treatment by Dave, who is also an incredibly gifted Tradition Chinese Doctor, including acupuncture, herbs and dietary advice.

​This is the most holistic retreat we have ever offered at Casa Cuadrau and will be similar to the Tea and Qigong retreat offered in Taiwan in September of 2017, which you can read about in the Global Tea Hut February 2018 issue. And with the closing of Tea Sage Hut, this may be one of the only opportunities for a deep tea course this year.”





Wu De (Aaron Fisher)

Author and teacher Wu De is a true Chajin (tea person). He has been a practitioner of Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) for over 20 years, and he has reached over 100,000 people through his writings, classes, workshops, seminars and interviews.

Born Aaron Daniel Fisher in rural Ohio, Wu De knew from an early age that his interests lay to the East. His martial arts practice began at an early age, and led him to discover the wisdom locked inside tea leaves when he was a teenager.

Upon graduating from university with a degree in anthropology and philosophy, he moved to India, where he lived and worked in a meditation center for some years. During this time, he prepared tea daily as fuel for his intensive meditation practice, and he laid the groundwork for his later work with tea as a spiritual vehicle.

Wu De then left India to study meditation in Burma, Thailand and eventually Japan. Working closely with a Zen teacher who often used tea ceremonies as a way of conveying Zen wisdom, his insights into The Way of Tea and the ability of tea to convey deep peace were strengthened.

After being ordained in the Soto Zen tradition, he began studying gongfu tea under Master Lin Ping Xiang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Master Lin taught Wu De about how to serve tea with more skill and focus.

For the last decade, Wu De has been teaching the ancient practice of serving tea from a Zen and tea center in Taiwan, known as Tea Sage Hut. In the last three years, the center’s monthly magazine and organic tea mailing, Global Tea Hut has swelled to connect hundreds of tea lovers and spiritual seekers in over 30 countries.

Since last year that Tea Sage Hut had to close its doors, Wu De and his students are fundraising and running tea workshops and seminars around the world to fundraise to build Light Meets Life, a free tea retreat centre in Taiwan to hosts hundreds of guests per year, sharing The Way of Tea and a more connected way of living and being with each person who joins a tea session there.

Learn more about Global Tea Hut and Light Meets Life.


David Melladew

David received his Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine at Pacific College in San Diego, CA. He is both a U.S. Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist and Diplomat of Oriental Medicine. He has been in practice since 2008.

David continues to hone his acupuncture skills under the guidance of acupuncture master Ikeda Masakazu in Imabari, Japan and Edward Obaidey in Tokyo, Japan. Together his teachers have over 80 years of combined acupuncture experience.

David has also been an avid student of qigong and the martial arts for the past 20 years. He has received formal training in Tae kwon do, Hung gar kung fu, Shotokan karate, Tai chi chuan, and Ba gua zhang as well as various systems of Qi Gong. Along with his martial art training, he has studied meditation techniques at Buddhist monasteries in Nepal, Bhutan, India, and South Korea.

David was drawn to Oriental medicine and the martial arts by his interests in Asian philosophies such as Taoism and Buddhism, and his love for the practicesblend of science, artistry, meditation, and need for self-cultivation.


Important Information

-Discover our different types of accommodation.

-Learn more about our vegetarian food.

-What to bring to the retreat?

-The retreat is undertaken in a toxin-free environment with no tobacco or alcohol.

In previous years, most of the people are coming without car from Barcelona. We can offer you two options for shared transport:

Option 1: Taxi from Barcelona Airport - Casa Cuadrau.

The taxi pick up would be at 12h (time to be confirmed) at the airport.

The price of the taxi (one way) is around 350 euros. Usually 2-3 taxis are required. The total price will be divided among all participants using this service. 

Option 2: Participants can take a bus from Barcelona Sants Bus Station at 11 am to Barbastro, arriving at 14:10h. The price of the bus is around 11 euros. From Barbastro we can coordinate a taxi service to Casa Cuadrau. 

The price of the taxi is around 130 euros (one way) Barbastro-Casa Cuadrau. 2-3 taxis might be required. The total price will be divided among all participants taking this service.

Please, when you book, let us know if you are interested in Option 1, Option 2 or if you are coming by car and you would like to carpool.  

For the way back:

For Option 1, the shared taxi Casa Cuadrau - Barcelona could be arriving at the airport around 12:30h.

On Option 2, the shared taxi to Barbastro could drop you on time to take the bus Barbastro - Barcelona at 10:50h and arriving in Barcelona Sants Bus Station at 14h.

Rates per person

Types of accommodation Rates per person
Shared dormitory

800 €

Chandra double occupancy

1115 €

Surya double occupancy

1210 €

Without accommodation*

730 €


*It includes the packaged described below expect accommodation.


The rates include:


✔️ All meals made with love in our vegetarian kitchen.
✔️ 9 nights of accommodation (except the "without accommodation option").
✔️  Guided meditative hikes.
✔️  1 longer meditative hike of half day in Ordesa National Park.
✔️  All taxes, public liability and accident insurance for activities: hiking and yoga.

* These rates do not include transportation.


Teachings and sessions by Wu De & David Melladew


These rates do not include teachings and activities led by Wu De & David Melladew which are offered on a donation basis. Minimum donation for teachings and activities: 440 euros per person.

Donations will be paid by cash at the end of the retreat. They will cover the travel expenses of the facilitators and the rest will go to Light Meets Life’s project.


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