Ashtanga Yoga & The Sound of Freedom with Boris Georgiev & Renée Sunbird

Ashtanga Yoga & The Sound of Freedom with Boris Georgiev & Renée Sunbird

Journey to Inner Wisdom.

Creating an sacred space for your life: yoga, music, meditation and hiking.

The practice of yoga asanas, meditation and music are tools that can help us in our daily life, to connect with our essence, our inner space.


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Yoga is not only what you do on the mat. In the classes we will look at how Ashtanga Yoga in particular can help us to become more natural and more aware of how we move in our daily life.


Mantras are the sound of the Universe. Some say that they have always existed and that we can actually hear them when we start listening to Silence. When we start chanting Mantras, we can enter a deep state of meditation and feel who we really are.

✔️ ACROYOGA Playground

AcroYoga is a great way to enjoy our body and experiment with boundaries. We learn to communicate with each other in a friendly and effective way. It's a great possibility for people to connect and have fun together.




Boris Georgiev and Renée Sunbird are leading the Yogacenter Ganesha in Vienna since the year 2000. Boris has practiced Yoga since he was a child, and has been teaching for more than 20 years. Renée has studied Indology and Philosophy at the University of Vienna, and found the practice of Yoga essential to understanding the philosophy of India. Together they share the passion of singing Mantras and with their children, they make Yoga and Kirtan a family experience.

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