Silence & Deep Rest Retreat

Silence & Deep Rest Retreat

Meditation, Yoga and Meditative Walking with Gemma Polo, Daniel Benito & Katya Rios.

This retreat will combine lying-down meditation with yoga and meditative hiking.

May 19th - 24th, 2018.

A warm space to gentle connect with the inner self. The teachings involve relaxation, silence and deep rest, free from any struggle or strain, allowing you to open to a space beyond the mind and connect with your true source of wisdom.

Gemma Polo will gently share inspirational words and readings while holding space for the group, at both a collective and individual level. Conscious and mindful walks in nature, guided by Daniel Benito, will enable you to come back to the true essence of who you are and feel at one with the world. Additionally the practice of yoga asanas with Katya Rios will allow you to awaken and rediscover your body, and in combination with meditative chanting, will open the door to subtler states of being.


The entire retreat will be held in noble silence, giving us the opportunity to experience a world without words in which everything vibrates with more intensity and in which we can see more clearly.




Gemma Polo Pujol was born in Barcelona in 1976. At the young age of 11 she started her own meditation practice inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi.

In 1992 she began practicing Zen intensively for ten years. During this time she spent two years as a contemplative nun and a Catholic activist in Latin America. She then went on to work as an organic beekeeper and to study Agriculture, International Development and Religious Sciences. She lived in India for ten years, offering retreats in India and across the world through Open Dharma.

She now lives in Dharmaloca, an eco-hermitage, which she created herself in Priorat (a comarca in Catalonia, Spain) and where her four horses and two children can live freely.


Daniel Benito Po is the Director of Casa Cuadrau. Dani is a yoga and meditation instructor and mountain guide, as well as an ecological builder. From a young age Dani felt deeply connected to the mountains and it was in the Pyrenees and the Himalayans where he discovered hiking to be a powerful meditation practice and a way of deepening his connection with nature. Having studied technical architecture in Barcelona, Dani worked in the construction and theatre industries, and also as a yoga instructor.

He was introduced to Butoh Dance, Body Weather and other movement-based practices under the guidance of Carme Torrent and Andrés Corchero, among other teachers. Following several consecutive trips to India, he completed his yoga teacher training with Bharat Shetty (RYT 500). Dani’s meditation practice is based on Buddhist teachings received from Tich Nath Han (Zen) and S.N. Goenka (Vipassana). He has also developed his own open meditation practice with Open Dharma.

In 2009, Dani moved to Vió to realise the dream he had been harbouring since 2006 of rebuilding and restoring a traditional Pyrenean building and turning it into a Yoga, Art and Nature retreat centre. A place where the practices he is passionate about can be shared.


Katya Rios found in Yoga a way of life, a system for self exploration providing her with constant support on her path. When she arrived in Vio she rediscovered her love and devotion for nature, aswell as a path on which she can continuously learn from her and be in tune with her.

In January 2009 she got her teachers’ training certificate from the International Sivananda Vedanta Organization and later, after having spent 3 years working in the yoga centers and ashrams of same organization in Buenos Aires, Toronto and Quebec, she took an advanced teacher training course in India (500 RYT).

In early 2014 Katya underwent further asana training with Bharath Shetty and got a 500 RYT teaching certification (Hatha-Yoga, Vinyasa and Therapeutic Yoga), she continues deepening in yoga asanas with Boris Georgiev and Bharath Shetty. She also studies philosophy with James Boag, meditation and mindfulness from Thich Nhat Hanh teachings and Open Dharma.

Katya enjoys teaching beginners and seniors, offering classes for all levels, in which each of them can feel confortable practicing at their rhythm and condition.


Meditation: these are guided or silent meditation sessions. In some sessions we will address any personal doubts or questions about the practice.

Yoga asana classes for all levels of practice (Hatha Yoga / Vinyasa)

Meditative walks: these will take place every day and last approximately two hours.

Inspirational talks: Gemma will share different aspects relating to the process of awakening and encourage you to enter into the mystery. Each talk will begin with 15 minutes of silent meditation.
Meditative hikes: these hikes provide the opportunity to put the principles of meditative walking into practice in a personal and individual way.

Individual interviews: each day Gemma will offer space for those who would like to have a one-to-one interview with her. For most people, the process of awakening is very intimate and personal, and it can be really beneficial to explore your experience in more depth on an individual level.

Meditative chanting: this allows you to let your voice come out through simple repetitive mantras with the aim of quieting the mind and raising vibrations beyond singing. For many of us this practice is another way of connecting with deep peace and silence.

Karma yoga practice: Yoga in action. May yoga support us in everything we do. We invite you to practice Karma Yoga by helping us with simple tasks of the house, such as drying dishes or general cleaning and gardening tasks, etc.

-How to get here? We can provide transport from Ainsa to Vio on the first day of the retreat, and from Vio to Barbastro on the last day.
-Please bring a cushy mat, cushions or pillows and a blanket to be very confortable during the lying-down meditations. We only have few of them to lend.
Check what else to bring to the retreat.
-Yoga retreats are undertaken in a toxin-free environment with no tobacco or alcohol.


Shared dormitory 480 €
Double room 570 €
Single room 690 €
Without accommodation 425 €

This price includes:

-5 nights accommodation (except the "without accommodation option").
-3 vegetarian meals per day.
-All yoga classes.
-All guided meditative walks.
-Public Liability and Accident insurance for activities: hiking and yoga.

NOTE: Theses rates do not include Gemma Polo fees.



The teachings and meditation activities led by Gemma Polo are offered on a donation basis, in other words there is no fixed price. Gemma Polo will offer freely of their time, energy and wisdom throughout the retreat, honouring the ancient tradition of Buddhist monks and creating a bridge between the heart and the material world.

What price would you put on the light of the stars? Or on the leaves of the trees? Providing these teachings and retreats without a fixed price provides an opening for each of us to connect to the vast freedom of the universe – as much to those offering as to those receiving.

We hope and we know that your generosity will be equal to ours and that your donations, which you can make at the end of the retreat, will allow us to continue offering these teachings and doing the work we love.

Gemma Polo and her family rely exclusively on the generosity of all beings who are nurtured and nourished on the retreats she offers. Thank you for your generosity!


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