Yoga, Hiking & “the Cosmic Dance”

Yoga, Hiking & “the Cosmic Dance”

Special retreat with Carme Torrent and Juan Carlos Escanciano.

Workshops on movement / dance and about the stars, the Cosmos and our relationship with it, to connect with our true nature.

September 2nd to 7th, 2018

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Carme Torrent

Carme studied and worked in architecture.

In the Dance field, an important part of her experience comes from the Body Weather Laboratory, a dance practice developed by the Japanese dancer Min Tanaka, with whom she has collaborated several times.

She has also been developing a way of exploring and listening to the tactile capacity of the body through the regular practice of seitai (Katsugen-undo and yuki) and trainings in shiatsu and movement with Akinobu Kishi (Seiki).

She was touched by the non-dual traditional teachings, and deepens her understanding with the help of Eric Baret in the practice yoga Kashmir Shaivism.



Juan Carlos Escanciano is the creator of Navetierra, a project of propagating science, with emphasis on astronomy and space exploration, and its potential impact on the human mind and in society.


Juan Carlos was initially formed as a Computer Engineer, a profession he has practiced for over 15 years and now has left. In fact, his early passion for the mountains, science and spiritual traditions encourage him to look for something more tuned with his true vocation.

He is Shiatsu therapist and psychologist. For some years he worked in psychotherapy with the psychiatrist and psychotherapist July Herrero (Escuela Granada) and today he continues his work in a private practice. He is particularly interested in humanistic psychology, mind-body connection (bioenergetics), meditation and transpersonal psychology.

Moreover, in recent years he has completed his studies with a Postgrad in Astrophysics at the Complutense University of Madrid. His passion for discovering the Universe that surrounds us, takes a solid and rigorous basis after this studies. His interest in science does not end here and by self- study he delves deeper into biology, Earth history, evolutionary theory and anthropology, among other disciplines.

Finally, he has created an Earthship project, with the aim of sharing in a pleasant and inspiring way, the different knowledge and experiences that he has being picking up throughout his life. With an integrated and holistic view, he explores the connection between Science and Consciousness, Mind and Cosmos, and much more. He is convinced of the underlying Unity of all aspects of Reality, that are apparently divided only by the limitation of the analytical brain to the complexity and diversity of phenomena.


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