Yoga, Hiking and “Our place in the Universe”

Yoga, Hiking and “Our place in the Universe”

With a series of special workshops by Juan Carlos Escanciano about the Stars, the Cosmos and our relationship with it, to connect with our true nature.

August 25th to 31st, 2018.

A profound experience of Yoga, Meditation and Meditative Hiking, combined very special workshops to connect with our true nature.

An opportunity to pause to contemplate the stars in a pure environment where the skies offer majestic night shows which awaken our sensitivity and connection with nature.


Stop and contemplate the stars in a pure environment where the skies offer us nightly spectacles. Give yourself time to admire the wonders of the earth, our home, awakening the sensitivity and connection with nature.

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.”
- Carl Sagan

Daily circumstances are full of wonder if one encounters the serenity to observe them in silence. And being conscious that we a part of something bigger, maybe infinite is mind blowing.

The same awe that arises in a child watching the sky is the motor of an astronomer. Modern technology, acquired knowledge and the analytic capacity of a developed brain serving the same curiosity. A big collective effort which reveals to us an immense universe full of mysteries.

The workshops about the stars, the universe and our place within it, aswell as observing the stars and the moon will be facilitated by Juan Carlos Escanciano. With his scientific knowledge and using modern technology the astronomical observations are presented in an easy and impressive way. Juan Carlos connects astronomy, anthropology and psychology in a very interesting way helping us to understand our origins and our current position in the Cosmos.

It’s a gift being able to directly observe the sky in one of the most pure and virgin places of the Aragonese Pyrenees in which clear night are fascinating and evoke a beautiful variety of feelings while contemplating the universe.


The Milky Way is at its best at summer in the Northern Hemisphere, as Scorpius and Sagittarius are visible slightly above the horizon, showing us the way to the Galactic Centre, 25.000 light-years away. Two birds, pregnant of stars and nebulae, are also prominent signposts to nearby Galactic Arms: the Eagle (Aquila) and the Swan (Cygnus).
The most distant object visible to the naked eye will also be present: the great galaxy in Andromeda, our elder extragalactic sister.

For planet hunters, the delightful Saturn will wander in the constellation of Libra, making up a beautiful pair with the star Antares in Scorpius.



We offer a program designed for everyone to bathe in the experience of inner retreat beyond the mind and emotions. Our biggest guru (teacher) is nature. Cultivating Silence helps enrich this experience.

Come, walk in a paradise of calm, surrounded by natural beauty. Practice yoga and meditation daily and become mindful of each present moment and action.

Learn about the stars, the Cosmos and how we relate to it. In between the activities, you will have time to rest and recharge, enjoy each present moment, in solitude or with the group. Experience a holistic practice of Yoga, connecting with our true nature.




Juan Carlos Escanciano is the creator of Navetierra, a project of propagating science, with emphasis on astronomy and space exploration, and its potential impact on the human mind and in society.


Juan Carlos was initially formed as a Computer Engineer, a profession he has practiced for over 15 years and now has left. In fact, his early passion for the mountains, science and spiritual traditions encourage him to look for something more tuned with his true vocation.

He is Shiatsu therapist and psychologist. For some years he worked in psychotherapy with the psychiatrist and psychotherapist July Herrero (Escuela Granada) and today he continues his work in a private practice. He is particularly interested in humanistic psychology, mind-body connection (bioenergetics), meditation and transpersonal psychology.

Moreover, in recent years he has completed his studies with a Postgrad in Astrophysics at the Complutense University of Madrid. His passion for discovering the Universe that surrounds us, takes a solid and rigorous basis after this studies. His interest in science does not end here and by self- study he delves deeper into biology, Earth history, evolutionary theory and anthropology, among other disciplines.

Finally, he has created an Earthship project, with the aim of sharing in a pleasant and inspiring way, the different knowledge and experiences that he has being picking up throughout his life. With an integrated and holistic view, he explores the connection between Science and Consciousness, Mind and Cosmos, and much more. He is convinced of the underlying Unity of all aspects of Reality, that are apparently divided only by the limitation of the analytical brain to the complexity and diversity of phenomena.

Daniel Benito Po
is the Director of Casa Cuadrau. Dani is a yoga and meditation instructor and mountain guide, as well as an ecological builder. From a young age Dani felt deeply connected to the mountains and it was in the Pyrenees and the Himalayans where he discovered hiking to be a powerful meditation practice and a way of deepening his connection with nature. Having studied technical architecture in Barcelona, Dani worked in the construction and theatre industries, and also as a yoga instructor.

He was introduced to Butoh Dance, Body Weather and other movement-based practices under the guidance of Carme Torrent and Andrés Corchero, among other teachers. Following several consecutive trips to India, he completed his yoga teacher training with Bharat Shetty (RYT 500). Dani’s meditation practice is based on Buddhist teachings received from Tich Nath Han (Zen) and S.N. Goenka (Vipassana). He has also developed his own open meditation practice with Open Dharma.

In 2009, Dani moved to Vió to realise the dream he had been harbouring since 2006 of rebuilding and restoring a traditional Pyrenean building and turning it into a Yoga, Art and Nature retreat centre. A place where the practices he is passionate about can be shared.

Katya Rios
found in Yoga a way of life, a system for self exploration providing her with constant support on her path. When she arrived in Vio she rediscovered her love and devotion for nature, aswell as a path on which she can continuously learn from her and be in tune with her.

In January 2009 she got her teachers’ training certificate from the International Sivananda Vedanta Organization and later, after having spent 3 years working in the yoga centers and ashrams of same organization in Buenos Aires, Toronto and Quebec, she took an advanced teacher training course in India (500 RYT).

In early 2014 Katya underwent further asana training with Bharath Shetty and got a 500 RYT teaching certification (Hatha-Yoga, Vinyasa and Therapeutic Yoga), she continues deepening in yoga asanas with Boris Georgiev and Bharath Shetty. She also studies philosophy with James Boag, meditation and mindfulness from Thich Nhat Hanh teachings and Open Dharma.

Katya enjoys teaching beginners and seniors, offering classes for all levels, in which each of them can feel confortable practicing at their rhythm and condition.


-Check about our different types of accommodation.
-How to get here? We can provide transport from Ainsa to Vio on the first day of the retreat, and from Vio to Barbastro on the last day.
-What to bring to the retreat?
-Yoga retreats are undertaken in a toxin-free environment with no tobacco or alcohol.

Everyday from the end of the evening Satsang up until after lunch the following morning, we cultivate joyful silence in the house. This deep silence is very healing for calming the mind and being in peace with ourselves, allowing us to deeply listen to ourselves. We will have a restful sleep and the next day we will enjoy the silence with mental clarity during our asana practice, meditation and other activities. Meals will be taken mindfully and in silence. By participating in this period of joyful silence we will be supporting each other in our practice.

After lunch and throughout the afternoon we will enjoy conscious speaking and deep listening, which will allow us to get to know each other in a more authentic way.


Shared dormitory 710 €
Double room 815 €
Single room 975 €
Without accommodation* 630 €

*It includes all the retreat activities and meals. Staying in another guest house.

The price includes:

- 6 nights accommodation (except the "without accommodation option").
- 3 vegetarian meals per day.
- All yoga classes.
- All guided meditative walks.
- Meditation sessions.
- 3 workshops and one stars observation with Juan Carlos Escanciano.
- Satsangs
- 2 meditative longer hikes.
- Public Liability and Accident insurance for activities: hiking and yoga.

NOTE: These rates do not include transportation.


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Photo caption of the star:  The star HD 44179 is surrounded by an extraordinary structure known as the Red Rectangle. It acquired its moniker because of its shape and its apparent colour when seen in early images from Earth. This strikingly detailed new Hubble image reveals how, when seen from space, the nebula, rather than being rectangular, is shaped like an X with additional complex structures of spaced lines of glowing gas, a little like the rungs of a ladder. The star at the centre is similar to the Sun, but at the end of its lifetime, pumping out gas and other material to make the nebula, and giving it the distinctive shape. It also appears that the star is a close binary that is surrounded by a dense torus of dust — both of which may help to explain the very curious shape. Precisely how the central engine of this remarkable and unique object spun the gossamer threads of nebulosity remains mysterious. It is likely that precessing jets of material played a role. The Red Rectangle is an unusual example of what is known as a proto-planetary nebula. These are old stars, on their way to becoming planetary nebulae. Once the expulsion of mass is complete a very hot white dwarf star will remain and its brilliant ultraviolet radiation will cause the surrounding gas to glow. The Red Rectangle is found about 2 300 light-years away in the constellation Monoceros (the Unicorn). The High Resolution Channel of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope’s Advanced Camera for Surveys captured this view of HD 44179 and the surrounding Red Rectangle nebula — the sharpest view so far. Red light from glowing Hydrogen was captured through the F658N filter and coloured red. Orange-red light over a wider range of wavelengths through a F625W filter was coloured blue. The field of view is about 25 by 20 arcseconds.


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