Yoga & Long Trekking Retreat

Yoga & Long Trekking Retreat

Reconnecting with Nature and its cycles with a Yoga & Meditative Trekking Retreat.

Includes 3 or 4 day trekking excursion through Ordesa & Monte Perdido National Park.

September 23rd to 29th, 2018.

During the first two days of the retreat, we will prepare body, mind and spirit for our adventure through yoga classes, meditation and meditative walks.

On the third day, we will start our 4 day meditative trek into the mountains, where we will discover hidden places and secrets of boh the land and ourselves through every step.

Daniel Benito is a professional mountain guide and Yoga and Meditative trekking instructor. Leandro Sancholuz is also a professional mountain guide and passionate about Nature’s treassures. Together we will enjoy 4 days and three magical nights camping or bivouacing under the stars.

On the last two days, we will recover and rest deeply through restorative yoga sessions, massages and guided meditations.

This will be a fascinating journey into Nature and into the understanding that we are Nature. An adventure that will leave us feeling renewed, full of enery and vitality.


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