Monthly inspiration

Monthly Inspiration by Casa Cuadrau

Monthly inspiration

In this space we will post different activity suggestions month by month, so you can keep your practice inspired and nourished.

If you just found this post, you can do little by little. Starting with whatever you feel like.

We are globally living a lockdown due to the COVID-19. We proposed you to have a Self Retreat at home. We developed one in Spanish, so you are invited to participate if you can understand Spanish language. This is the first Online Self Retreat  we ever organised and it is offered by donation. We did it with so much love, trying to offer a different and deep experience from home.
In march, we offer you these suggested activities.  
In February, this is the list with the suggested activities.February monthly inspiration by casa CUADRAU
We start a New Year!! And we offer you some activities to do it in a meaningful and nourishing way. We hope you enjoy it and keep your practice inspired! January monthly inspiration by Casa Cuadrau Yoga Retreats

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