Karma Yoga/ Volunteering

Karma Yoga

Yogah Karma Su Kaushalam / Yoga is skillfulness in action.

Karma Yoga can be practiced from the start of the day to its end. It is an opportunity to do any action in a mindful, skillful and harmonious way. Enjoying the present moment, without expecting any fruit or reward. The fruit is in the presence and joy of living this moment.

The act of offering our services without searching for a reward purifies the heart, developing humility, sympathy, tolerance, compassion and love.

Karma:action,Yoga:union or integration.

Karma Yoga - Volunteering

A program for people who have availability of time. They are either unemployed, on holidays or passing a transitional stage in their lives,  but without economic means to attend a long stay retreat. Above all it is addressed to people with energy desire to collaborate, learn and deepen their practice in an environment of community and yoga.

This program is been designed for people interested in doing a long term retreat to:

- live a healthy lifestyle, creating new positive habits
- establish a daily yoga and meditation practice
- spend time in nature
- learn new skills: cooking, cleaning, gardening, managing, etc.
- meet like minded people and cultivating friendships
- experience diverse practices and teachings from invited facilitators and collaborators during your stay
- make a valuable contribution
- cultivate mindfulness in the everyday

What does the Karma Yoga - Volunteer program consist of?

The minimum stay for this program is 2 months and the maximum 4 months, from Spring 2019 to October/ November  2019.

David Viñuales

Ideally, the karma yogi will follow 100% of a retreat during the first week, attending all the activities and doing one hour of Karma Yoga per day. This week is optional only for those who have already attended a retreat in Casa Cuadrau.

During the following weeks, the karma yogi will do about 7 hours of meditative work (karma yoga) and will participate in some activities of the retreat. The invitation is to apply and practice the principles of yoga studied during the retreat (yamas, niyamas, etc...) while doing the house tasks. The nature of these chores will depend on the time of the year the program runs.

We mainly need support in our kitchen and housekeeping departments but depending on the skills and the length of the stay of each participant, they might also be trained in to help in such tasks as gardening, DIY, management, translations, office, etc.


- Accommodation in shared dorm in the house, and, during high season may vary into more austere accommodation.
- 3 vegetarian meals per day.
- Daily meditation session.
- Some activities offered during the ongoing retreat: Yoga asana classes / self practice in group / meditative walks in nature and workshops - according to the retreat's program and the Karma Yoga schedule
- Evening Satsang, which is a gathering time. It starts with a time for discussion and inquiry, questions and answers based on the direct experience of all participants, followed by meditative singing to give some rest to the mind.
- about 7 hours daily of meditative work.
- 1 day a week off: free time or an excursion in Ordesa National Park or near by areas.


IMPORTANT: Karma Yoga - Volunteer program require committed people, with energy and desire to collaborate about 7 hours per day during the stay. If you are passing through fatigue, depression or any complex emotional situation we better recommend you to attend a Yoga, Meditation & Hiking Retreat to have more time and space for your self.

Places are limited. Some people make a big commitment and plan a long areas to be able to come. To ensure your place it is required a deposit of 100 euros, that will be refund and the end of the stay you committed for.

*There will be no refund if not attending the program, including leaving before the date you commit.


At present, we can only accommodate few people in this program at a time, so it’s best to book in advance.

If you are interested please fill the following form.

* Note: Reservations are not in effect until you receive confirmation from us.

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