Vegeterian cooking

David Viñuales

Food made with love.

At Casa Cuadrau, food is very important for the way we live. All our meals are made with fresh, and as far as possible, local, seasonal, organic produce. However, we have choosen to use ingredients that come from afar such as avocados, bananas, miso paste, tahini, some herbs for tea, etc., because we appreciate their nutritional value.

Mindful eating

We live in a modern world of abundance, even in the food that is on our tables.  With constant external stimuli, it becomes difficult to eat based on what our body and mind needs. Let's listen to the wisdom that dwells in us, and let's cultivate a dialogue of non-verbal communication, that would be personal and unique.

Mindful eating is an invitation for everyone to develop deep listening of our body and needs and to stop eating compulsively. It is about to learning what is good for us in each moment, and not choosing food (and the quantity we serve in our plates) only because it is appealing. Eating is a moment in which we nourish ourselves with all the senses with what Nature offers us. We cultivate gratitude towards food, towards those who cultivated it, towards those who cooked it and towards those with whom with share it.

We invite everyone to take the time they need to eat, with great attention, chewing and savouring each mouthful, being aware of the subtle reactions and sensations in our body and make from this quotidian action an meditative practice.

We take brunch in silence, but we invite you to take as many meals as you wish in silence, to be able to eat with full

Homemade  and Simplicity

All our food and drink is made on site, with love and care. We usually serve three healthy, balanced, nourishing meals per day.

Our food has proved to be satisfying both for discerning vegetarian diners and for those people who may be new to vegetarian food.

Meals Schedule

In our retreats we propose to have a light breakfast and two main meals a day: at noon when the sun is in the zenith and an early dinner at 6pm.

The foods we offer are:

Breakfast: depending on the season, we serve either a seasonal fruit smoothie, with vegetables and nuts, or a cereal porridge, both options are very easy to digest and provides us energy for the morning's meditative activities.

Lunch: it is a celebration of the simple luxury of fresh ingredients and the abundance of nature. We typically serve cooked grains, fresh vegetables, pulses or vegetable protein and raw salads and a very healthy dessert suggar-free.
* We do not serve coffee.

Dinner: it is simple and light but nutritious to be able to meditate before sleeping and rest well at night. It usually consists of a soup or cream of vegetables and a light main course.

*Herbal teas are available all day long.

Important: We only offer special diets if you have a medically diagnosed condition, after evaluating if we can meet your needs.

Note: At present, we offer meals only within the retreat program for the attendees.

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