Casa Cuadrau Rescue Project

The Casa Cuadrau retreat house of yoga, art and nature in Vio, is a project that has been created with the purpose of recovering an abandoned house, in order to make it an ecologic space of local and sustainable development. Its intention is to be of service to physical and spiritual health, the arts and nature.

The valley of Vio, is one of the wildest and most remote in all of the Aragonese Pyrenees. This valley has been through significant and profound changes, as have other Pyrenean areas in the last fifty years.

In Casa Cuadrau we recognize the efforts of the residents and local entities that have survived the dramatic depopulation of the valley. In this way, the Rescue Project was born. Casa Cuadrau is one of the oldest buildings in the village and is a superb example of integration into the landscape.

Restoration of a stone house

The restoration of Casa Cuadrau has been overseen by adhering to a meticulous respect for the traditional architecture and materials of the area, as well as the ecological sustainability criteria. Beyond the restoration of an architectural heritage site, there also exists an initiative to establish a sustainable and permanent activity in Vio based on:

  • The recovery of traditional activities (organic horticulture, herb garden, oven-baked bread etc)
  • The practice of yoga, meditation, hiking and other practices that help to live in harmony with nature
  • Promotion of arts and crafts
  • Organization of ecology and reforestation programmes

Building Work

As for the restoration of the building, it was decided to divide the project into two stages.

Casa-Cuadrau-obras-6Starting point

The house was purchased in ruins in 2007.

Casa CuadrauStage 1

Reconstruction and refurbishment of the south wing that houses the dining /living room, kitchen, dormitories, washrooms and a small multipurpose hall (yoga, meditation, workshops).

Casa Cuadrau Yoga Art and Nature rennovatedStage 2

Rehabilitation of the north wing of the house, the main hall for dance, theatre, yoga and related activities, as well as a small library and the reception for the retreat house.

Thank you to all of you who have helped and still are doing it!

 Image Gallery of Casa Cuadrau Rescue Preject


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