July 21-28, 2021.

Wellness Holidays “à la carte”

Enjoy wellness holidays in an ecological house. Activities “à la carte” according to your needs and wishes.

This summer more than ever it is vital to return to nature, get away from the noise of the city, from our daily surroundings and find a “refuge”. It is necessary to make a pause and take some time in nature. Give yourself a moment to rest, to find your rhythm and breathe calmness.

That is why we’ve decided to open our doors to all those who are looking for a moment of tranquility, nature and healthy food. You can choose if you want to practice meditation, yoga and / or hiking, or take a relaxing therapy or massage.



The one you prefer from July 21st to 28th, 2021.
You can come for a couple of days or a whole week.

You choose the option that suits you best.


Vegetarian meals made with love, with fresh, organic, local and seasonal products

Accommodation in an eco house.

Meditation sessions.

Yoga and movement classes.

Therapies and massages.

Meditative hikes.

Meditative long hikes of half day in Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.

Before coming, confirm with us the schedule that we will have, since due to the weather or the day of the retreat in progress, it may vary.


Yoga & Movement Classes

Yoga classes are for all levels of practice. The sessions combine Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga principles, as well as movement and mobility exercises.

There is one yoga class per day. Yoga classes are progressive, variations for different levels of practice and particular limitations are always offered.

Meditative Hiking

Meditative walks and hikes are esencial practices in our retreats. They are very simple and accesible for everyone. They help us to understand, through experience, our deep connection with nature. It makes us notice in each step and in each breath, that the energy that exist inside us it is just the same as the energy that exists out there. Nature is our greatest teacher, silence and deep listening helps us enrich the experience She offers.

There are usually of about 2 hours length, with nature interpretation, opening the senses and developing mindfulness.

There will be one day dedicated to meditative hiking, starting just after breakfast and coming back for a gentle yoga session. It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the the Ordesa National Park or surrounding areas.

Yoga & Mindfulness Workshops

Some days there will be Yoga and Mindfulness workshops for all ages. Families are welcome!

In these workshops we will explore very useful yoga and mindfulness tools in order to cultivate calmness, concentration, joy, gratitude and fundamental universal values ​​in our lives.

Therapies and Massages

Massages and Therapies

Craniosacral massage and alignment

Through the massage we work the muscular armor, relaxing and releasing those parts that need it most (back, legs, cervicals …), giving space and awareness to the body. While with craniosacral therapy we relax the nervous system so that the body regulates itself and finds its balance again.

45 minutes

Complete osteopathy treatment and massage

With structural, visceral and craniosacral techniques we offer a global approach to the body to rebalance and treat different ailments, either with muscular, articular, nervous, of organic origin. This treatment ends with a massage to relax and tone at the same time, connecting again body and mind.

90 minutes

Vegetarian Restaurant

Conscious and Healthy Eating 

At Casa Cuadrau, food is very important to the lifestyle we lead and we love to practice mindful eating.

All our meals are made with love with fresh, organic, local and seasonal products.

During your stay you will have breakfast included. You can also choose picnic and/or dinner.

If you want to know more about conscious eating and the meals we serve you can see it here.

Joyful Silence

Everyday from the end of the evening until after breakfast the following morning, we cultivate joyful silence in the house. This deep silence is very healing for calming the mind and being in peace with ourselves, allowing us to deeply listen to ourselves. We will have a restful sleep and the next day we will enjoy the silence with mental clarity during our asana practice, meditation and other activities. Breakfast will be taken mindfully and in silence. By participating in this period of joyful silence we will be supporting each other in our practice.

Throughout the day you may want to continue in silence or you can enjoy conscious speaking and deep listening, in a more authentic way.

AVAILABLE DATES: July 21-28, 2021.

LIMITED SPOTS: book in advance to ensure your spot.

LEVELS: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

AGES: 0 to 100. Families are welcome!


You can stay as short as 2 or 3 nights and as long as a week.
Check in must be from 15:30 to 17h. Check out may be at any time before 12h.

If you want to come for lunch (at 13h), you have to let us know in advance.


Katya Rios Chavez Kalyani Casa Cuadrau

Yoga and Meditation

Daniel Benito

Mountain Guide and Meditation

RATES: 2 nights of accommodation

* Includes accommodation and breakfast for 2 nights.
Check-in at 15:30h. and check-out at 12 noon.
Types of accommodation Rates
Shared dormitory/ per person 65 €
Attic (double) with shared bathroom/ per person 74 €
Double room with private bathroom 178 €
Single room with private bathroom 165 €


Each day there will be a schedule of activities and meals. You choose if you want to participate in those of your interest.
Our services Rates
Lunch 20 €
Dinner 17 €
Picnic 15 €
Guided meditation 5 €
Yoga & movement class 13 €
Yoga & mindfulness workshop 18 €
Walk with interpretation of nature 20 €
Long hike 40 €
Therapies and massages from 50€

Discover yoga as an Art of Living

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