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Homemade nutella with fruit Holidays are coming up, and with them, a time of big meals, excess of food and of sweetness running through our veins. We would like to invite you to try a healthy, homemade and nutritious alternative to the usual nutella we find in stores. This one is made with few ingredients…
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Sweet potato paté

Sweet potato paté on toasted bread, drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of sunflower seeds. At Casa Cuadrau we have a love - some would call it obsession - for patés. Paté (French for "paste") is traditionally served baked in a crust (en croûte) or molded as a terrine, it has a spreadable texture. Normally,…
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Banana bread

Stevie holding freshly made banana bread This banana bread has become a staple of our trekking days here at Casa Cuadrau, perfect for a day out in nature. Jessie shared this recipe with us and prepared several times this Summer. We have continued this tradition and brought it with us into the Autumn. We hope…
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Green energy smoothie

This smoothie is a must! Especially after an intense yoga asana session in the morning, or a run or swim... The banana and celery are high in potassium and sodium, two types of electrolytes that are good to recover when we've worked out. We can also find a source of protein in the almonds and…
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8 of July Chocolate and Ginger Biscuits

These biscuits are a sweet crunchy form of love. Jessie Rae, also known as the master of sweets here at Casa Cuadrau, has prepared these biscuits a couple of times over the last few weeks, both for the team and the participants, on arrival day. She has a special talent when it comes to desserts…
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This crêpes recipe is especially good for those days where we feel like treating ourselves and eating something sweet. You will also have a good time while preparing and eating them. It is a perfect dish to surprise your friends, to cook with your family or to give space for your creativity to flourish as…
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At breakfast, lunch, as a snack or for dinner. Hummus, a paté or puree made with a base of chickpeas and tahini (sesame paste) is originally from the Middle East (“hummus” means chickpea in Arabic) and is currently enjoyed in many other places all over the world.  At Casa Cuadrau we prepare it almost on…
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Sivananda cookies

This is a very special recipe here in Casa Cuadrau. The Sivananda cookies are prepared and served globally, in all the yoga centres of this specific yoga school. Although we are not part of this school, we decided to take this precious recipe and prepare it here, to offer the cookies to our retreaters during…
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Cauliflower, Leek & Oat Burgers

Leti, one of our incredible Karma Yogis, prepared these veggie burgers for us a few days ago and we loved them so much that we decided to include the recipe in the blog. At Casa Cuadrau we truly enjoy the entire food process: going to the market to see, touch and buy the ingredients; arriving…
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