Vegetarian Food

Mindful eating

Food made with love

Here in Casa Cuadrau, food is key for the lifestyle we live and we love to practice mindful eating.

All of our meals are made with fresh, local, ecological and seasonal produce. However, we have chosen to make use of certain ingredients that come from far away too because we value their nutritional content. Some examples of these are: avocado, bananas, miso, sesame and other herbs for herbal teas.

Mindful eating

We live in a modern world of abundance. With constant ongoing external stimuli, it becomes hard to eat what we actually need.

During our retreats we invite you to connect with the wisdom that lies within you. Making each meal a mindful eating practice is a great opportunity for each one of us to develop deep listening of our bodies and needs.

Meal time is a moment in which we nourish ourselves in all ways that Nature has to offer. We cultivate gratitude towards the food, the people who grew it, the ones who cooked it and the people we are sharing it with.

We invite each one of you to take the necessary time to eat, paying attention, chewing and savouring each bite. We invite you to be aware of the subtle reactions and sensations of and in your body, and to make this everyday act a meditation practice.

Food service

We follow a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet, using minimal dairy products as well as eggs. We also minimise the use of sugar.

Schedule and menus are designed to encourage the intermittent fasting practice. When we overeat, our body focuses all its energy in the belly, the metabolism, and we overload our digestive system and organs responsible for elimination.

Possibility of adapting to a vegan diet or special diets with a medically-diagnosed condition.

Breakfast: fruits, cereal porridge, nuts or seeds. It is easy to digest, providing us with lots of energy.

Instead of coffee, we serve a delicious chai (tea with spices) and a cereal coffee with plant-based milk, all of it ecological.

Brunch: is a feast of fresh ingredients and Nature’s abundance. We usually serve, on a daily basis, a grain, fresh vegetables, legumes or other plant-based proteins, a salad buffet and a healthy dessert.

Dinner: is a balance and light meal. Easy to digest to enable the meditation before going to bed as well as a good night rest.

Herbal teas are available all day.

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