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Conditions of service and preventive measures to deal with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2


After a long time in lockdown, we understand that what we most need now is to spend as much time as possible in nature.

  • Meditations and contemplations
  • More meditative walks
  • Half- day hikes in the Ordesa National Park and surrounding areas.
  • Satsangs in nature


  • Shared dorms usually take up to 6 people, this has been reduced to 3-5, depending on whether they are living together of they are a group that come together.
  • Every shared dorm will have a designated bathroom and shower, aiming to reduce risks.


We follow the measures established by the Secretaría de Estado de Turismo and the Ministerio de Salud.

  • General measures within facilities
    • Guarantee established interpersonal safety distance
    • Assure adequate protection for all employees and clients
    • Follow hygiene guidelines for each job and tasks.
    • Non- contact thermometer to use.
    • Establish rules of use in the facilities.
    • Verbal and written communication of preventive and hygiene measures that clients must comply with during their stay.
    • Avoid use of pamphlets, books or maps.


  • Reception and welcome
    • In the reception, dining room and shared areas there will be hand sanitiser for hands and disinfectant pulveriser for shoes and backpacks.
    • Crowds will be avoided in the reception by expanding the check-in and check-out schedule and assisting clients in turns.
    • Avoid decorative elements.
    • Invite clients to pay with credit card or other electronic methods.
    • Counters will be wiped and disinfected regularly. 
    • Max. capacity of different areas in the house (dining room, living room, rooms, bathrooms, showers and shared spaces) will be reduced.


  • Food and beverage
    • There will be hand sanitiser in the dining area that each client will use to clean their hands when they enter the space.
    • Decorative elements and self-service products such as napkin holders, dressing bottles and other topping containers will be avoided. 
    • The buffet self-service system will not be used during meal times. We will serve each meal to avoid multiple manipulation of shared utensils.
    • Cleaning and disinfection of counters and surfaces after each meal.


  • Accommodation and cleaning services
    • Common areas
      • There will be disinfectant solution in every access point to shared spaces.
      • In shared dorms, each client will make their own bed and will avoid touching other clients’ beds or bunk beds. Bed sheets will be kept in cupboards at all times to ensure that each client can find their corresponding items, avoiding in this way contamination.
    • Shared bathrooms and showers
      • There will be a designates bathroom and shower for each room.
      • There will be hand sanitiser dispensers, hand paper towels, as well as disinfectant solution dispensers offered
      • Clients will be recommended to use appropriate shoes in the showers.
      • The shared bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected at least 6 times a day.
    • Shared spaces
      • There will be disinfectant solutions offered in corridors and other frequently used areas.
      • There will no books, guides or maps, etc. offered.
      • Clients are invited to bring their own mask to use in case there are places where safety distance cannot be respected e.g. living room.


  • Cleaning plan
    • The frequently used areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly (surfaces, door and window handles, common areas, bathrooms, taps, switches, WC flush buttons, railings, cupboards, wardrobes, shared bathrooms and showers).
    • The rooms will be ventilates on a daily basis.


  • A preventive maintenance plan will be followed, in case maintenance is needed in a room while the client is inside of it, the staff will be able to follow to avoid any risks.


Can I attend a retreat if I have little yoga, meditation or hiking experience?

Yes, it is OK if this is your first retreat, if you have practiced yoga, meditation and hiking or not… All people are welcome! The most important thing is to come with an open mind and to be in a good physical condition.

Can I attend a retreat if I have an injury?

Yes. We simply ask you to let us know beforehand through the booking form and during the first yoga and hiking sessions, so we are aware of it and can offer you variations or adjustments.

How do I arrive to Casa Cuadrau if I do not have my own car?

Let us know through the booking form.

There are several options. We usually organise carpooling about 15 days before the start of the retreat. We connect those people who are planning to drive here with those of you who don’t, and happen to be on the same route.

If there weren’t any available cars to carpool in, we will let you know so you can either rent a car or we can help organize a shared taxi pick-up from Barbastro or Aínsa (this service will be paid directly to the taxi driver, in cash).

What is the maximum nº of participants per retreat?

22-24 people.

What is the average age of participants?

The average age is between 35 and 45 years old. It can vary quite a bit, though, as there are many young people (18-20 years old) and other more senior ones (67-70 years old).

What can I expect from a retreat at Casa Cuadrau?

Retreats at Casa Cuadrau are designed so that each one of you can immerse themselves in the inner retreat experience, beyond mind and emotions.

We wake up early to meditate and practice yoga, before breakfast. Then we go on a meditative hike for 2 hours and, when we return to the house, we have lunch. After that, there is some free time to rest, take a nap, go for a light walk, read, etc.

In the afternoon, depending on the retreat, we have a shorter meditation and a workshop (the content of which will depend on the retreat you sign up to).

We have an early and light dinner, then move on to a Satsang, which consists of a meditation, some time for sharing and, occasionally, we sign meditative songs from different cultures.

During retreats, we do longer one-day hikes on one or two days. That day, the schedule varies slightly. After the morning meditation we have breakfast and leave for the hike. Upon our return, we have a softer yoga class, dinner and Satsang, or a relaxation session.

Schedules are usually very similar across retreats, but they can vary depending on the core activities or time of the year. We recommend you to check the specific retreat page for more details.

Can I arrive to Casa Cuadrau before/after the beginning of the retreat?

Arriving before the beginning of a retreat: Sometimes the house is closed before the beginning of a retreat or we might be in the middle of a different program, which is why we don’t usually offer the option to stay in the house before the start of a retreat.

Arriving before the beginning of a retreat: It is important for us that the group is complete when we begin a retreat, as this is when we run an orientation sessions, all participants introduce themselves and activities that we will be doing are introduced.

Can I leave Casa Cuadrau before/after the retreat comes to an end?

Leaving before a retreat ends: As much as possible, we ask all participants to stay until the end of the retreat, but we are aware and understand that many times this is not possible and they must leave for different reasons. However, the price of the retreat will remain the same.

Leaving after the retreat ends: Yes, we can accommodate you a few more days in Casa Cuadrau, if we there is available room and if the house plans to remain open. We ask you to let us know if you’d like to stay longer in the comment section of the booking form.


Should I attend all activities in the retreat?

Both the schedule and all activities programmed are optional. The idea is that you make the most of your time in Casa Cuadrau, but we also know that sometimes what you need the most is some good rest. It is important that you listen to yourself and that you use your time in the most adequate way, resting when necessary and doing whatever it is that you feel like doing.

What is the difficulty of the meditative hikes and excursions?

The hikes are progressive. The first walk is useful in allowing us to evaluate the group and each participant in it, so we can offer accessible walks for everyone.

What type of yoga is practiced at Casa Cuadrau?

Our yoga classes combine the principles of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, as well as breathework, movement and mobility exercises and ANIMAL FLOW movements.

For more information on our yoga practice, please click here.

What type of meditation is practiced at Casa Cuadrau?

We use simple meditation techniques. We focus on posture, breath and sensations/emotions that keep arising, which are all universal objects of concentration.

For more information on our meditation practice, please click here.

Is the retreat held in complete silence?

No, but here in Casa Cuadrau we appreciate silence very much. In truth, all activities suggested invite us to take a pause, listen to ourselves and observe. During half of the day we practice joyful silence, which starts every night after the last activity (Satsang) and lasts until lunchtime on the following day.

For more information on our joyful silence practice, please click here.

What is food like at Casa Cuadrau?

The food we serve is ecologic, local and seasonal, as much as possible. We follow a vegetarian diet, making limited use of ecologic eggs and dairy (sheep or goat). We are able to offer a vegan or special diet menu in cases of medically-diagnosed conditions, if this is requested in advance through the booking form.

For more information on our food, please click here.

Practical Information

What should I bring? Should I bring towels, sheets or hairdryer? What about yoga mats and other accessories?

No. You will find fresh sheets and towels when you arrive, as well as a shared-use hairdryer. It is advisable to bring your own towel and bathing suit in the Summer, for those times we go swimming in the river.

In the shala you will also find all kinds of equipment to practice yoga with (mats, blankets, blocks, bolsters, straps…).

If you prefer, we invite you to bring your yoga mat and meditation blanket and cushion, if you are used to practicing with blocks and straps bring them too.

For more information on what to bring to a retreat, please click here.

What is the weather like in Vió?

Except for winter time, when it can get very cold, Vió usually enjoys a mild, friendly climate. It is important to note that we are at 1,210m high and that, during excursions, we can reach up to 3,355m.

In the mountain, weather can be very variable. In the middle of August, a strong shower might surprise us, suddenly dropping temperature and, in high altitude, even snow.

Is there Wi-Fi and/or mobile service?

We do not offer internet service, to preserve the retreat atmosphere and the benefits that the contact with nature offers.

When you walk into the house, we will invite you to turn off your phones and all electronic devices, and that you leave them aside to have a complete electronic detox.

We ask you that, before coming, you let family, friends and work know that you won’t be available during your stay here.

If you feel it is extremely necessary for you to use your phone, in case of an emergency, we ask you to find a place outside our facilities to make a call and that, when you return, you turn it off again.

Prices and Bookings

What is included in the retreat price?

The price of every retreat includes full-board accommodation and all activities offered and mentioned in the schedule, as well as accident insurances and public liability.

What is not included in the retreat price?

The price does not include transport to arrive to or leave from Casa Cuadrau, or any additional activity such as private class, massage, etc.

When and how should I make the payment of the retreat I booked?

We request you to make a deposit to book the retreat, this can be done online. The remaining balance can be paid through a bank transfer, before arriving, or else by cash or card once you arrive to Casa Cuadrau.

How does your cancellation policy work?

As long as you let us know and we confirm this possibility, your deposit is transferrable to a friend/family member who can take your spot.

If you want to cancel your assistance and cannot find anyone to take your spot, the following is our cancellation policy (based on when you cancel):  

  • If you cancel one month or more before the beginning of the retreat:
  • We will not refund the deposited amount but you can use the 150€ deposit to book another retreat within the next 12 months.
  • If you cancel 8 – 29 days before the beginning of the retreat:
  • There are 2 possibilities.
    1. We will try to cover your spot. If we manage to do so, you would only lose 50% of your deposit (75€) and you would be able to use the other 50% (75€) as credit to attend another retreat within the next 12 months.
    2. If we cannot find someone to cover your spot, you would lose 100% of your deposit.
  • If you cancel during the previous 7 days to the beginning of the retreat, or while you’re attending it:
  • You lose 100% of your deposit.

Do you offer any kind of discount?

We offer in some retreats a discount if you bring a friend and you share accommodation.

There is also an assistance only for people in a difficult financial situation, who are unable to afford the cost of the program. We offer reduced rate and super reduced rate in the dormitory accommodation option.

We do not offer discounts in those retreats where other teachers or instructors are facilitators.

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