Tea ceremony

and the teachings of Zen

The tea ceremony is a collective meditation

A moment of silence to connect with Nature, with yourself and the group.

The tea leaf is considered a medicinal plant for the body and soul. The ceremony is an ancient practice in many cultures and a way to remember that the disconnection with Nature is not real. Tea is a dialogue between Nature and the human being.

The teachings of Zen and Tea

We have discovered this deep and beautiful art through our teacher, Wu De. He is a Zen monk and the founder of Global Tea Hut. The Zen and Tea teachings blend in one ceremony, reminding us of the need for sacredness in our fast-paced, busy lives.

It is an invitation to honour and celebrate the beauty and depth that we can find in simplicity. Sharing a bowl of tea we are able to enter the richness that lies in the Cha Dao practice, “the way of tea”.

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