The Team

that we make Casa Cuadrau

Katya and Dani met in an ashram in South India. Both had a very similar vision and share the same values ​​and practice yoga as a way of life. They enjoy being able to share their practice with everyone who comes to the house.

With much love and attention they make Casa Cuadrau a space where all are welcome.

Katya y Daniel | Fundadores Casa Cuadrau
Daniel Benito Po | Equipo Casa Cuadrau

Daniel Benito Po

Co-director of Casa Cuadrau, Dani is a yoga and meditation instructor and mountain guide, as well as an ecological builder. From a young age Dani felt deeply connected to the mountains and it was in the Pyrenees and the Himalayans where he discovered hiking to be a powerful meditation practice and a way of deepening his connection with nature. Having studied technical architecture in Barcelona, Dani worked in the construction and theatre industries, and also as a yoga instructor.

He was introduced to Butoh Dance, Body Weather and other movement- based practices under the guidance of Carme Torrent and Andrés Corchero, among other teachers. Following several consecutive trips to India, he completed his yoga teacher training with Bharat Shetty (RYT 500) and he continues deepening his yoga asana practice with Matthew Sweeney. Dani’s meditation practice is based on Buddhist teachings received fromThich Nhat Hanh (Zen) and S.N. Goenka (Vipassana). He has also developed his own open meditation practice with Open Dharma.

In 2009, Dani moved to Vió to realise the dream he had been harbouring since 2006 of rebuilding and restoring a traditional Pyrenean building and turning it into a Yoga, Art and Nature retreat centre. A place where the practices he is passionate about can be shared.

Katya Ríos Chávez Casa Cuadrau

Katya Ríos Chávez (Kalyani)

Co-director of Casa Cuadrau, Katya found in Yoga a way of life, a system for self exploration providing her with constant support on her path. When she arrived in Vio she rediscovered her love and devotion for nature, as well as a path on which she can continuously learn from her and be in tune with her.

Katya was born in Mexico City. She has a background in business management and marketing and has worked in advertising and marketing in Mexico, France and Argentina. When she was in Buenos Aires she immersed herself in the practice of Yoga and meditation which completely changed her interests. In January 2009 she got her teachers’ training certificate from the International Sivananda Vedanta Organization and later, after having spent 3 years working in the yoga centers and ashrams of same organization in Buenos Aires, Toronto and Quebec, she attended an advanced teacher training course in India (500 RYT). In early 2014 Katya underwent further asana training with Bharath Shetty and got a 500 RYT teaching certification (Hatha-Yoga, Vinyasa and Therapeutic Yoga).

Katya enjoys teaching beginners and seniors, offering classes for all levels, in which each of them can feel comfortable practicing at their rhythm and condition. She also designs and offers special Yoga sessions one to one to pregnant women, to people with injuries, diseases or specific health conditions.

Katya also loves teaching Yoga to kids in a holistic way (yoga asanas, telling stories, games, handicrafts, basics of yoga philosophy and universal values.) She was the director assistant and activities facilitator for Yoga Kid’s Camp in Val-Morin, Canada.

Certified by the Anahata Center of Yoga Therapy and Massage in Canada, Katya gives applied yoga therapy sessions and thai yoga massages with much love and mindfulness.

In 2020 she got certified as instructor L1 of ANIMAL FLOW.

She continues deepening in yoga asanas with Matthew Sweeney, Boris Georgiev and Simon Borg Olivier (Synergy Yoga – Online). She also studies philosophy with James Boag, meditation, zen and mindfulness from Thich Nhat Hanh teachings, Wu De, Open Dharma, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Currently studied a postgraduate degree in Barcelona University a Wake Up Schools’ Program to bring Mindfulness to Children and Teens.

Our Inspiration

Our greatest source of inspiration is probably mother nature. Everday she teaches us through the smallest and greatest experiences. We recognize in her a great master who guides life and leads us on our individual paths.

The beings that have had an impact on our spiritual journeys are many and to name them all seems impossible to do. As our practice progresses we continue to meet people who teach and move us, all in their own unique ways.

Here’s some of the ones that inspired us most along the path: Patanjali, Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, Tagore, Swami Sivananda, Ramana Maharshi, Ananda Mayi, Swami Vivekananda, Krishnamurti, Shunryu Suzuki, Swami Vishnudevananda, Thich Nhat Hanh, Amritananda Mayi, Abuela Margarita, Eckhart Tolle, Leunig…


Lara Rey

She was born on the Basque coast, in Donosti. With one foot in the sea and the other in the mountains. Since she was a child, she used to take long walks through Donosti and its green parks, always outdoors, playing with the peacocks in the Gladys Enea park or the Txantxangorris (Robins) on Mount Urgull.

As she grew up, she continued the path choosing to study Environmental Sciences. Then she realized that she loved nature so much, making the commitment to conserve it.

She traveled to Chile in search of new learning experiences, living in Patagonia for a year, surrounded by immense mountains and extraordinary landscapes. Was there where she found the maximum connection with nature, with the various Andean ancestral cultures, people and above all with herself.

Aware that she needed a radical change in her lifestyle, she returned home, settled in the Pyrenees and trained as a mountain guide and environmental educator.

Now from Casa Cuadrau, Lara wants to share all the experiences that have brought to her life, the process of transformation towards a conscious, healthy and friendly lifestyle that she decided to take several years ago. And above all, she wants to learn from each experience that comes into her.


Manu Loizaga

Manu was born in Argentine Patagonia in 1984, in a coastal town called Rada Tilly.

At 18 when he finished high school, not knowing what to study at university, he decided to take a gap year to think it over and do some work. That first job was in a pizzeria where his passion for cooking was born, which he would later study for 4 years. During those first years of cooking he discovered yoga by seeing a group of people who practiced it right in front of that pizzeria. Yoga powerfully caught his attention and was love at first sight. After finishing his cooking degree, he moved to Buenos Aires for professional experience and decided that he would also study yoga for 2 years. Thus, since he was 24 years old, Manu distributes his life teaching yoga and cooking.

With a nomadic spirit and a passion for cultures, he has traveled extensively in search of new flavors and has worked in six countries working in hotels, restaurants, yoga centers and as a private cook for 18 years.

In 2017 he moved to Spain and changed his lifestyle towards veganism, a decision that turned his heart completely into his gastronomy and that led him to reinterpret classic dishes and create signature dishes with all the immense variety of products that Mother Earth gave us. gives. He is Casa Cuadrau’s chef.


Romina Noel Campanelli

To capture the magic of reality is her motus and is in nature, its inhabitants, empathic synergy and artistic expressions where she finds it.

She was born in 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she completed her university studies as an Image and Sound Designer at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2017 she moved to Barcelona to complete the Master in Creative Documentary Cinema at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and since then she has continued to train in different areas of audiovisuals, graphic design and plastic arts.

She discovered veganism at the age of 17 and in it she found a philosophy of life that she deeply resonates with. Since then, she has been a volunteer in different NGOs and foundations that work in animal rights, social justice and ecology.

She is the manager of Casa Cuadrau and here she finds a perfect place to generate the visual, sound and energetic harmony that she enjoys so much. Here she also sees how hearts open, the connection with nature reappears and the germ of more empathetic and harmonious societies is in peaceful development.

Her projects are: Cuerpo Animal · Rom Campanelli · Noel Campanelli

Regular facilitators
Wu De (Aaron Fisher)

Wu De (Aaron Fisher)

Author and teacher Wu De is a true Chajin (tea person). He has been a practitioner of Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) for over 20 years, and he has reached over 100,000 people through his writings, classes, workshops, seminars and interviews.

Born Aaron Daniel Fisher in rural Ohio, Wu De knew from an early age that his interests lay to the East. His martial arts practice began at an early age, and led him to discover the wisdom locked inside tea leaves when he was a teenager.

Upon graduating from university with a degree in anthropology and philosophy, he moved to India, where he lived and worked in a meditation center for some years. During this time, he prepared tea daily as fuel for his intensive meditation practice, and he laid the groundwork for his later work with tea as a spiritual vehicle.

Wu De then left India to study meditation in Burma, Thailand and eventually Japan. Working closely with a Zen teacher who often used tea ceremonies as a way of conveying Zen wisdom, his insights into The Way of Tea and the ability of tea to convey deep peace were strengthened.
After being ordained in the Soto Zen tradition, he began studying gongfu tea under Master Lin Ping Xiang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Master Lin taught Wu De about how to serve tea with more skill and focus.

For the last decade, Wu De has been teaching the ancient practice of serving tea from a Zen and tea center in Taiwan, known as Tea Sage Hut. In the last three years, the center’s monthly magazine and organic tea mailing, Global Tea Hut has swelled to connect hundreds of tea lovers and spiritual seekers in over 30 countries.

Since mid 2019, Tea Sage Hut has had to close its doors. Wu De and his students are organising tea workshops and seminars all over the world to raise funds for Light Meets Life, his upcoming free tea retreat centre in Taiwan, which will host hundreds of guests every year, sharing the Way of Tea and a more connected way of living and being with each and every person who joins a tea session there.

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Anna Carboneras Girgas | Equipo Casa Cuadrau

Anna Carboneras Girgas

Physiotherapist (E.U. Gimbernat , 2013) and Cook (self-taught).

Trained in physiotherapy and specialized in Urogynaecology, She combines her work with cooking. She has always been passionate about cooking and and good food. Presently she lives in a house in Baix Empordà, that has a large kitchen where she can experiment with and investigate food. She shares her knowledge in the form of workshops, in Verges , Barcelona and Vió. Her culinary research is premised on the use of local, organic and fresh products, easy to find and that everyone can easily have in their kitchen. She is interested in simple preparations and practical in the making, that are tasty and have a creative touch. Seeks to make everyday acts, moments of pleasure.

Carme Torrent | Equipo Casa Cuadrau

Carme Torrent

She studied and worked in the field of architecture.

With relation to movement and dance, a big part of her experiencecomes from the Body Weather Laboratory, a dance practice developed by the Japanese dancer Min Tanaka, with whom she studied in Japan during several years and with whom she collaborated in various occasions.

At the same time, she has developed the exploration and deep listening in body tactility through the regular practice of seitai (katsugen-undo and yuki), education in shiatsu and movement, as well as through regular meet-ups with Akinobu Kishi (seiki).

Touched by Cachemira’s Yoga, she immersed herself in this practice which originated in Tantric Shivaism, with Eric Baret.

Nuestra inspiración

Juan Carlos Escanciano

Juan Carlos Escanciano is the creator of Navetierra, a project of communicating and spreading science, with a focus on astronomy and space exploration, and its potential impact on the human mind and in society.

His passion for the mountains, science and spiritual traditions impulsed him from the beginning to search for something that is aligned with his true vocation.

He studied to become a Shiatsu therapist and psychologist. He was particularly interested in humanist psychology, mind-body connection (bioenergy), meditation and transpersonal psychology.

During the last few years he completed his Postgraduate in Asthrophysics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. His passion for discovering the Universe that surrounds us was solidified and became rigorous at this point. In any case, his interest in science didn’t stop here and he continue learning and self-teaching himself on biology, Earth history, evolution theory and anthropology, among other disciplines.

Finally, he created the Navetierra project, with the goal of sharing, in a light and inspiring way, the different knowledge and experiences that he has gathered during his life, from an integrative and holistic vision, exploring the connection between Science and Conscience, Mind and Cosmos, etc. He is convinced of the underlying Unity in all layers of Reality, only divided in appearanceby the limited analytical brain, in front of the complexity and diversity of phenomena.


James Boag

James Boag

James Boag is originally from Yorkshire, England, James teaches yoga and applied yoga philosophy globally.

James is known for his inspiring, inclusive and engaging teaching style and his holistic approach, which weaves together multiple mutually complementary elements. These include live storytelling, a principle-based, practical and inclusive style of asana/natural movement work, meditations and kirtan, all informed by years of practical exploration and dedicated study of Sanskrit and traditional yoga texts.

James has been teaching for over twenty years, teaching yoga since 2003 and leading integrated programs on applied yoga philosophy around the world since 2009. When he was still teaching English at university in Thailand, James began studying Sanskrit. Since then he has spent many seasons in Mysore, South India, where he completed his Sanskrit MA in 2012 and where he regularly leads courses on the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutra-s, working from the original Sanskrit texts, and Indian Mythology.

Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practising for decades, James’ classes, workshops and retreats are a great way to deepen your understanding of the bigger picture of yoga and how yoga principles can enhance our work with different yoga techniques and support us in all aspects of our lives.


Lean Sancholuz | Equipo Casa Cuadrau

Lean Sancholuz

Lean was born in 1987 in Argentina, in Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia, and when he was five, he moved to Spain with his family and spent his childhood in Burgos.

He loves travelling, meeting people, climbing mountains and being in nature… and he had been climbing and hiking for long time, until one day he realised that all he wanted was to live in nature and follow his passion, sharing his love for the mountains with others, so he decided to leave Burgos and came to live in the Pyrenees. He has a training as a mountain guide. He is also a kid’s counsellor for holiday camps and he continues to learn and train…

Lean is one of the mountain guides on the meditative walks and hikes at Casa Cuadrau and he shares with great passion his knowledge of the flora and fauna, the environment, the traditions of the Pyrenean villages…

Besides enjoying the mountains, Lean likes to capture special places, and to share his view of nature with people, he has created this project: Largos KMS

Marta Reixach | Equipo Casa Cuadrau

Marta Reixach

She has been drawn to the sounds of nature all her life, as well as instruments that can create suspended sounds. In 2012 she attended the “Gong Ritual” Sound and Trance training by Dr. Peter Hess, where she was able to deepen and expand experiences through his receptive music therapy model.

She likes exploring the vibration that sound leaves in the body and the space where it is created, enjoying the expanded states of consciousness. Some of the instruments that she uses are the symphonic gong, monocordio, bowls, didgeridoo, drums, shruti, voice, etc.

In her experience as a human being, she would like to experience herself in balance in all the possible dimensions with this body. The sound and the silence are her great teachers in this trip, to improve and grow her perception, and to keep adding experiences to a more active intelligence.

Boris Georgiev y Renée Sunbird

Boris Georgiev and Renée Sunbird

They are both directors of the Yogacenter Ganesha in Vienna, since 2000. Boris has practiced yoga since he was a child and has taught for over 20 years. Renée has studied Indiology and Philosophy at the University of Vienne and considers that the Yoga practice is essential to understand Indian philosophy. Together they share a passion for singing Mantras and, together with their daughters, make the practice of Yoga and Kirtan a family one.

Boris Georgiev | Equipo Casa Cuadrau

Boris Georgiev

Boris, having practiced and studied yoga all his life, embodies the teachings that he has learn to love since he was a kid.

During his teenage years he practiced with Venzislav Eftimoff. Later, in Vienna, he continued with the integral Sivananda Yoga method. Then, in an ashram in India, he met Lino Miele, who inspired him to start his Ashtanga-Vinyasa practice. Since 1995, this method started to become more and more important in his practice andso he has continued to study with Michel Besnard and Andrea Morava.

In 2000, Boris founded the Yogacenter Ganesha, where he mainly teaches Ashtanga Yoga and Acroyoga.

Since 1999, Boris has studied Ashtanga with Pattabhi Jois and Sharath (India), V. Shashadri (India), Lino Miele (Italy), Nancy Gilgoff (Maui), Andrew Eppler (Oklahoma), Cliff Barber (Creta), Danny Paradise (Molokai) and others. A part from his personal years of practice, his teachings are also supported by the four years of studies around individual psychological conscience, Spiraldynamic® anatomy, AcroYoga® – a symbiosis of Yoga, Acrobacy and Nuad (Thai massage).


Renée Sunbird

Renée Sunbird

Yogini, singer, composer and mother.

Renée Sunbird was introduced to yoga for the first time by her father. Several years later, she studied Indiology (Sanskrit) and Philosophy at the University of Vienna and started to practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She travelled to India several times to deepen her yog apractice and to study Indian music, singing Mantras and Bhajan. Mantras are the sounds of the Universe. Some say that they’ve always existed and that we can hear them when we begin to listen to the Silence. When we start to sing Mantras, we can enter a deep state of meditation and feel who we truly are. During many years, Renée and her husband Boris have led yoga retreats and kirtans in Europe.


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