Joyful silence

Taste the silence

About Joyful Silence

“Feel the silence, listen to the silence, touch the silence, taste the silence. Silence is music to your soul. – Swami Sivananda

All the activities proposed in the retreat invite us to listen to each other, to give ourselves a space in our hectic lives, to stop and observe. In joyful silence and in good company, we will have the opportunity to open up, receive, feel and live the direct experience of our present moment.


Every day from the end of the last activity (Satsang) and until before lunch the next day, we cultivate a joyful silence in the house.

This deep silence is very healing to calm the mind and be at peace with ourselves, allowing us to listen deeply.

We will be able to have a deep rest and enjoy the silence the next day with mental clarity during our practice of meditation, yoga-asanas and other activities.

Breakfasts are made in silence in order to better practice mindful eating. By participating in this period of silence we will be supporting each other in practice.

At meals and throughout the afternoon, we will enjoy the conscious word and deep listening, getting to know each other in a more authentic way.

I arrived at the retreat wanting to connect with nature and improve my yoga practice. The experience exceeded my expectations, thanks to Dani and Katya who generously help and accompany each one on their journey.

The place is wonderful at every hour of the day and night, which contributes to giving light and serenity to the retreat. The food, delicious – I’m back with new ideas for vegetarian dishes.

On a personal level, joyful silence has been very good for me: it allows me to focus more, to better appreciate the sensations that contact with nature provides. The retirement, in short, has been a turning point on several levels. Thanks to Katya and Dani for sharing their conception of life. I will repeat, by the way!

Sophie Albert, Paris (Yoga, Meditation and Hiking Retreat)

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