Additional services

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Massages and Therapies

Japanese therapeutic massage that works the energy channels of acupuncture by pressing with the fingers and it is received dressed in comfortable clothes on a futon on the floor. It is a manual practice that simultaneously provides deep relaxation and well-being through touch, and a therapeutic energetic effect.

Massage that works at the muscular level to relax and tone the body, relieving pain and promoting well-being and health, applying almond oil. It is received without clothes, except panties / shorts, on a massage table.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy:
Subtle manual therapy of the whole body that balances the respiratory movement of all body structures and tissues, causing deep relaxation and increasing vitality and reconnection with one’s own healing resources. It is received dressed in comfortable clothes on a massage table.

60 minute session.
Journey to a cave

An exciting experience within Mother Earth. Learn about the cave formation and history. Go through the cave discovering all its corners, and meditative silently in the womb of the earth.


The last day of each retreat, once it finishes, after brunch.  The departure will be at 12:30h and return at 17h.

It includes:

  • Hike to the cave
  • Cave journey
  • Rental of the necessary equipment (helmet and head torch)
  • Professional guide who offers explanation of its formation and history
  • Meditation within the earth.
  • Civil liability and accident insurance.
Rate: 50 € per person

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