Meditative Hiking

Walking meditation

About Meditative Hiking

Meditative Hiking is one of the essential and deepest practices in our retreats. Most of the routes are within the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park and are accessible to all people.

Walking with awareness helps us to experience our connection with all that is alive.

Every step and every breath we take happens in relation with the movement and energy around us.

Nature is our greatest teacher. Walking in silence allows us to listen more deeply to Her and receive her teachings.

Walking Meditation allows us to:

  • Connect with yourself, to find your right step, your own rhythm and pace.
  • Pay attention to the act of walking and everything which is involved physically: movement, breathing, sensations.
  • Learn to listen to the silence.
  • Feel everything that happens inside and outside of you.
  • Be transparent, let everything flow freely, without interfering mentally or emotionally, just being one with the present moment.
  • And if thoughts come, let them come and let them flow, without fighting the mind. Just watch them and bring the awareness back to the present, to the action of walking, to sounds, to textures and to sensations.

Connection with life and nature

The silent walks allow us to enter a natural state of calmness. They open our consciousness and our senses. They help us to develop deep interest and concentration in all around us, so we can experience the connection with life and nature.


There will be a daily 2 hour meditative walk, opening the senses and developing mindfulness in nature.

Once or twice a week, we offer a half day excursion, a hiking tour in the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park or surrounding area, with a swim in the river (depending on the season), contemplation and interpretation of nature, picnic and time to rest.

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