Art of Living

Yoga as an Art of Living

For us, yoga is more than physical and breathing exercises, more than a discipline. It is an Art of Living.

Its teachings offer us a guidance to navigate life in a harmonious and balanced way, as well as create integration in all aspects.

Yoga means unity, integration

The word Yoga comes from the root yuj, which means to yoke, to unite.

Its purpose is a state of complete integration of oneself with the One; The Heart, The Consciousness, The Self. The state of Yoga is defined as a state of pure consciousness and absolute bliss. Yoga is love, a state of plenitude, harmony, peace and absolute happiness.

The word Yoga is also used to define the path that leads us to the state of integration. Therefore in this way, Yoga is an Art of Living.

The experience

All the activities offered in our retreats are designed to experience this Art of Living in:

  • how we breathe,
  • how we move,
  • how we sit,
  • how we walk,
  • how we eat,
  • how we relax,
  • how we listen,
  • how we communicate,
  • how we love,
  • how we LIVE

Physical Yoga

As yoga means integration, we could say that the purpose of the physical practice of yoga, for us is to realise that integration/ connection of the whole body and the mind.

We bring the ancient practice of yoga into our modern lifestyle and current needs.

It is a fact that we are living very sedentary lives in which our bodies are lacking of movement, and we are experiencing a serious disconnection with our body, breathe and mind.

Yoga-asana sessions

In our yoga-asana sessions our intention is to share a practice where we can:

  • rehabilitate the body and breathing patterns,
  • increase the body range of motion,
  • invite the integration of the body as a unit,
  • stimulate the circulation of energy (prâna),
  • bring awareness to our physical body and state of mind,
  • experience on the mat some of the principal teachings of yoga such as harmony, truthfulness, respect, balance, openness, surrender, acceptance…

The classes

Our classes are for all levels of practice. The sessions combine Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga principles, as well as movement and mobility exercises.

We usually have one practice of yoga-asanas per day. Some days there is morning classes, which are usually more dynamic and on long excursion days the classes are more gentle and restorative, when we back from the hikes.

Yoga classes are progressive, variations for different levels of practice and particular limitations are always offered.

“Thank you so much for taking my hand and initiating me in the path of yoga with so much energy and love. Best of luck and see you soon.


Anna Ribas, Barcelona (Intensive Yoga Course)

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