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Would you like to be part of Casa Cuadrau, home to Yoga, Art and Nature retreats?

Be part of a work team whose dream is to offer an experience of Yoga as the Art of Living, to plant the seeds of transformation in each one of the people who come here.

We are looking for people who feel passion for yoga, meditation, art and nature, and who share our core principles (get to know the vision, mission and history of Casa Cuadrau).

We appreciate when people are flexible and like having diverse tasks to carry out, despite having specialised knowledge or responsibilities in one specific area.

We value qualities such as enthusiasm, joy, creativity, organizational and coordinating skills, as well as cleanliness. We also consider important to have the abilities to work in a team in harmony and fluency in English.

We hope that our team can grow at a personal level, fulfilling their dreams while collaborating with Casa Cuadrau, making it a project full of passion, in constant growth.

Kitchen lead

Role description

The kitchen lead is a person with a genuine vocation for vegetarian, nutritious and creative cooking. Abilities to plan in advance and foresee, coordinate and work in a team. A love for order and cleanliness. A calm, organized and responsible person.

Period needed


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Responsibilities / Needs
  • Coordinate, organize and manage service of daily meals on time and with high-quality standard, cooking for groups of 12 to 30 people.
  • Cook based on predesigned menus.
  • Organize tasks to be done before and during retreat period.
  • Organization of tasks to be carried out before and during the retreats.
  • Lead, educate, coordinate and supervise volunteers in the kitchen.
  • Stock and pantry control (fresh and dry products) as well as state of machines.
  • Carry out food orders and other needs.
  • Responsible for correct maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen and pantry.
  • Client-facing support in case of doubts or questions related to diet.
Abilities and experience needed
  • 2-3 years of professional experience as a kitchen lead in a retreat centre, school, mountain refuge or shelter, or in a catering company.
  • Experience and/or education in vegetarian/vegan cuisine.
  • Skills to lead, educate and communicate with a team of people (volunteers).
  • Ability to cook based off menus and limited amount of resources.
  • Experience managing inventory of food and carrying out orders.

Operations lead

Role description

The operations manager is someone organized and responsible. This person has abilities to coordinate and manage the different areas of Casa Cuadrau, a love for order and ability to manage teams and communicate with a wide range of people.

Period needed


For more information, send us your CV to

Responsibilities / Needs

Bookings & Participants

  • Managing bookings
  • Client support (email and phone)
  • Coordinate carpooling and other extraordinary needs/events
  • Welcome and orientation of guests on welcome day

Support KarmaYogis (KYs) & Staff

  • Welcome, orientation and training KYs
  • Design task schedule for KYs and staff before every retreat
  • Supervise housekeeping tasks before, during and once the retreat is over (deep HK)
  • Communicate extraordinary needs of guests to Kitchen lead and Hiking guide (allergies, injuries, etc.)

Suppliers & Breakdowns

  • Execution of orders and follow-up of these (reception, inccidences, etc.)
  • Manage maintenance services in case of breakdowns (plumber, electrician, etc.)

Accounting, Payments & Finances

  • Tracking of revenue and expenses (according to budgets)
  • Manage payments (revenue) from guests during each retreat
  • Payments to facilitators
  • Payments to suppliers
  • Archiving of receipts and invoices
Abilities and experience needed
  • Abilities to coordinate suppliers and orders (Buyer).
  • Abilities to coordinate an communicate with clients (Client Support).
  • Experience and/or educacion in accounting.
  • Abilities to lead, educate and manage a team of people.
  • Familiarized with using Google Docs, Excel and ideally booking management softwares (Sirvoy, Lodgify or similar).
  • Languages: Spanish and English (fluent, required), French and German (preferably)
  • Social and communication skills: deep listening, openness, sensitiveness, diplomacy and patience.