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“Rösti” – vegan potato pancakes

This is a very popular recipe in several Central and Eastern European countries and that our chef Manu cooks with a lot of love in our retreats. Ingredients for 6 people 1 kg of potatoes Garlic powder (if it is fresh it is better to

Rainbow Crepes – gluten free and vegan

Years ago I started cooking colorful crepes for Uma. It is a super hit for both kids and adults! They are very easy to make, they are delicious and they are very healthy. Quantity: 8 – 10 crepes You will need a nonstick skillet Ingredients


Full Moon Ritual

These full moon days of October we invite you to do a little ritual and exercise of journaling. First of all, light a candle or set up a small altar of autumn.  Then sit for a few minutes to meditate.  Contemplate the silence and the

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning At this time of the year, the beginning of autumn, it is an ideal time for a deep cleaning in all senses. What does this mean? It is a time when nature let go what it no longer needs: the leaves of the

The tea wayfarer – Katya’s story

In the Global Tea Hut magazine of September 2021, the story of Katya and her relationship with tea was published. This is a specialized magazine on Tea edited by our Zen and Tea Teacher, Wu De. We share the article: "I began a relationship with tea in

The tea wayfarer – Dani’s story

In the Global Tea Hut magazine of June 2021, the story of Dani and his relationship with tea was published. This is a specialized magazine on Tea edited by our Zen and Tea Teacher, Wu De. We share the article: "I feel very honored to have the

Ritual de Luna Llena de Agosto

Desde hace tiempo en Casa  Cuadrau estamos haciendo pequeños rituales que nos conectan más los ritmos de la naturaleza, con nuestra esencia y con lo que vamos transitando. La noche del 23 al 24 de julio tuvimos la primera luna llena en Acuario de 2021. Tuvimos la



Hoy os presentamos nuestra receta de “foccacia", un pan italiano cubierto con ingredientes variados y que sirve de acompañamiento a cualquier comida. Es fácil de preparar,  admite casi cualquier cosa que nos guste, tanto dulce como salado, y es apta para toda la familia. Esta

Healthy vegan brownie

We prepared this brownie for a meal among friends. We are quite the chocolate-lovers and, at the same time, we wanted a relatively healthy recipe (no refined sugars or flours, using some type of vegetable...). We found this recipe, where we learnt that sweet potato

Yoga Sequence for your self-practice

Those of you who have already been in our retreats know that we always invite you to continue practicing at home. We believe in the benefit of following a sustainable self-practice day by day, which allows us to go deeper in silence, listening to our
Forest Bathing in Casa Cuadrau Yoga Retreats Pyrenees

Forest Bathing or Shinrin-yoku

In the 80's the Japanese term shinrin-yoku came up to give an ecological alternative after the exhaustion of the technological boom and to bring people closer to nature again. This term can be translated as Forest Bathing. In the 90’s, scientific researches where proving the

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