Nature and the enviroment

a paradise in the Pyrenees

Nature and the environment

Casa Cuadrau is located in a majestic corner of the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, within the Sobrarb-Pyrenees Geopark.

The environment is one of the most biodiverse in Europe. Located on an elevated and open valley surrounded by beautiful mountains wherever you look, it is found in a very small village called Vió. In this unique setting, we offer a very special retreat experience, where we combine yoga, meditation and meditative hiking.

The village of Vió

The picturesque and remove village of Vió, located in the Sobrarbe region, has splendid views.

  • North: Monte Perdido, Ramond Sumund , Mondoto, Sestrales and the Añisclo Gorge.
  • East: Peña Montañesa.
  • South: Valley of Navaín extension.

An almost abandoned village

The massive exodus towards the cities in the last century has left Vió being an almost abandoned village, but still containing many stories of the people who once upon a time lived and worked in these lands.

In Casa Cuadrau, we are aware of the privilege that walking through these mountains means, surrounded by such rich diversity of fauna and flora, as well as ancient trails that were once full of life. This is why we want to honour the wisdom that once lied in this place and blend it with the ancient yoga philosophy.

During our programs, we dedicate a big part of them to walking, exploring and contemplating the natural environment, on a daily basis.

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