Retreat: New Year’s Celebration 2023-24

Journey to the heart

December 28 - January 1st, 2024

Yoga, Music & Nature Retreat

A special New Year's Celebration

with Agustina Valerga, Amaia Villaverde and Silvia Sampere

Finish your year in a soft, slow and mindful way...

Every closing of a cycle entails a period of silence, integration and honouring all that has happened along the way. Some cycles are short and others long. In this case, we celebrate a 365-day cycle. Allow for a few days to pause, connect and listen in a safe environment where you can be surrounded by nature. 

Through the conscious body movement and music we will create a space where we can cultivate and share from a place of vulnerability, where the heart feels a little softer, more open. In this way, from this place, we will be able to welcome a new year full of opportunities, experiences and learnings to explore.

Although this year might have passed quite quickly, we can still enjoy a closing that is slow, soft and conscious. 

Who is this retreat for?

For all the people who are eager to celebrate the closing of the year surrounded by nature and from a place of joy, connection and silence.

For all the people who have a feeling body, beyond any physical condition, practice level or age.

What we offer

  • 4 nights of accommodation
  • All vegetarian meals made with love in our kitchen
  • Guided meditation
  • Yoga and movement
  • Meditative walks in nature
  • Satsang
  • Body workshops
  • Music and singing
  • Massage *(optional)
*opcional and not included in the rates.  


The schedule will vary depending on the weather conditions and group needs. 

Day 1

Thursday 28
  • 15:00h: Arrival
  • 17:00h: Yan-Yin + mantra intro + orientation 
  • 19:00h: Dinner
  • 20:30h: Welcome circle + Singing 
  • 22:00h: Rest

Day 2

Friday 29
  • 7:00h: Meditation + Singing + Yoga 
  • 9:00h: Breakfast
  • 10:15h: Meditative walk
  • 13:00h: Lunch
  • 14:00h: Free time/massage
  • 17:30h: Yin + Sound relaxation 
  • 19:00h: Dinner
  • 20:30h: Kirtan 
  • 22:00h: Rest

Day 3

Saturday 30
  • 7:00h: Meditation + Singing + Yoga 
  • 9:00h: Breakfast
  • 10:15h: Meditative Walk
  • 13:00h: Lunch
  • 14:00h: Free time/massage
  • 15:45h: Workshop 
  • 17:30h: Yin + Cello 
  • 19:00h: Dinner
  • 20:30h: Kirtan 
  • 22:00h: Rest

Day 4

Sunday 31
  • 7:00h: Meditation + Singing + Yoga 
  • 9:00h: Breakfast
  • 10:15h: Long meditative hike + River
  • 17:00h: Free time/massage
  • 20:00h: Dinner 
  • 21:30h: Closing fire ritual + Ecstatic 

Day 5

Monday 1
  • lazy morning
  • 8:00h: Mettabhavana + Yoga + Singing 
  • 9:00h: Solo walk and packing
  • 10:00h: Closing circle 
  • 11:00h: Brunch

About the facilitators

Agus, Amaia and Silvia are 3 great facilitators, friends of Casa Cuadrau for years.

We love them very much and it gives us great joy and confidence that they’ll lead this special New Year’s  celebration retreat.

We present them to you in alphabetical order.

Agustina Valerga


  • Yin Yoga 
  • Integrative Californian Massage
  • Mantras & medicine songs

I feel marveled by nature in connection with the human experience, the mind, the body, the emotions and all the ways in which these relate to each other. This led me to search for resources within different disciplines, especially Yoga, Californian Massage and Music.

At some point in the path, the disciplines I was studying and practicing went from being an activity to a life tool; the change was a powerful one. I am especially motivated by sharing this with all those who are seeking personal development, freedom and fullness.

Amaia Villaverde


  • Group facilitation
  • Body workshops (“Awakening consciousness through the body” methodology)
  • Mantras & medicine songs

From a curiosity and a deep longing to know (myself) more, I have been learning different tools and dynamics to come closer to ourselves and what surrounds us.

I have discovered that, beyond verbal language, there is a body language that is understood and transmitted in a natural way, wherever you go. This is why I love to share and share myself in a group through group exercises that can allow us to connect with the body, emotions and our joy. In addition to the body, there is another language that deeply connects me with myself: music. I love exploring through her. 

Silvia Sampere


  • Hatha Yoga & Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Bhakti

I embrace the practice of yoga as a way of life: a space where we can play, experiment and learn to live with a sense of freedom, from the heart. I sense that it’s not so much what we do, but how we do it. I am deeply fascinated by the various ways in which we can feed our bodies and souls. In love with cooking, music and nature, they have been and still are the biggest sources of inspiration, expression and creativity for me. It fills my heart to share with others all those practices that invite us to listen more deeply, to shed light and lighten up.

New Years' Celebration Retreat

- Limited availability -


Type of accommodationRates per person
Shared dormitory – standard rate750€
Shared dormitory – reduced rate*675€
Shared dormitory – super reduced rate*635€
Attic double occupancy785€
Attic single occupancy859€
Elder tree cabin double occupancy785€
Elder tree cabin single occupancy859€
Chandra double occupancy899€
Chandra single occupancy1.045€
Bhumi double occupancy899€
Bhumi single occupancy1.045€
Surya double occupancy955€
Surya single occupancy1.085€
Without accommodation**635€
*If you are in a difficult financial situation you can opt for financial assistance to attend this retreat. We ask for honesty and we trust in the generosity of others
**Without accommodation: it includes all the retreat activities and meals. It doesn’t include the accommodation, that can be in another guest house nearby.

Important information

Before coming please check the following information. 

Find herethe list of all what you need to bring. 

Look closely at the winter section, so you don’t forget anything important.

We are located in the village of Vio, at the doors of Parque Nacional de Ordesa & Monte Perdido. 

Check here to check all the info about how to get here and our recommendations. 

From 7-10 days before the retreat starts we will email you to join a WhatsApp group and organize the carpooling.  

You might have some questions, please before contacting us reach this FAQ section

If we didn’t answer your question, then please contact us.  

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