Yoga Sequence for your self-practice

Yoga Sequence for your self-practice

Those of you who have already been in our retreats know that we always invite you to continue practicing at home. We believe in the benefit of following a sustainable self-practice day by day, which allows us to go deeper in silence, listening to our bodies and feeling the reactions that arise in each movement.

Many times following a yoga class, we must pay attention to the verbal instructions, to look at the demonstration and we must adapt to the rhythm of the whole group. It is a reality that each of us has our own rhythm, our limitations and capacities. That is why it is important to listen to that natural rhythm. A self-practice is a great way to connect with it, to better recognize and investigate our body and immerse ourselves in the experience that each asana, each movement has to offer.

We usually share a yoga sequence at the end of the retreat on paper, so you can take it with you. Therefore, we also want to share a sequence in this space. So that in Summer holidays, wherever you go, you can continue connecting, moving and integrating the body, mind and breath.

Enjoy it!

Note: for a shorter practice, you can warm up with a few sun salutations. Choose 2 or 3 standing postures, 2 or 3 sitting postures, 1 twist, 2 or 3 back bends and some inverted postures.
Secuencia de Yoga Casa Cuadrau
Secuencia de Yoga Casa Cuadrau
EX: exhale
IN: inhale

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