Creating Our Refuge

Creating Our Refuge

Adults and children, we all need to feel that we have a space of our own, and throughout the day it is very necessary to take breaks. It’s very important that each of us own a “little refuge” to go when we need to relax, when we feel sad, angry, or simply when we want a little privacy and silence.

When conflicts arise and we start discussions that are getting out of control it is very important to stop. Maybe just by taking a few breaths will be fine. But in most cases, it is better for us to take have a pause and walk away. We can ask other(s) with kindness and respect that we need some time alone. Thus, we can take time for ourselves and go to that refuge to slow down, calm the mind and access the rational brain. In this way we stop reacting impulsively and begin to take more control and more effective responses.

Remember the meaning of Karma Yoga. Karma means action and Yoga means integration/ union. In the Bhagavad Gita it is described as “yogah karma su kaushalam“. So we could define Karma Yoga as becoming more skillful and efficient in our actions, because we do it from the integration of our being (body and mind).



A few weeks ago we made our refuge at home with our daughter, the refuge name is Rainbow. So she knows that when we feel sad, angry or when we need a break, we can simply say “I’m going to the rainbow for a moment.” She knows that in the rainbow we can lie down or sit down to rest, breathe deeply, meditate, read: everything that helps us to recover! After some moments on our own we will see the situation more clearly and we will be in a place where we can resolve the conflict in a better way.

Our little refuge can be our home of peace. A home is the heart of a house, where traditionally there was a fire, a warm atmosphere. We invite you to create your home of peace and invite your family to make one. Feel, what does this space need to make it yours? what does it need what could help you to connect with yourself, with nature, with what inspires you most in life? Maybe some flowers, a plant, some photos, some drawings, branches, stones … Everything you can think of and make it yours! This same space can be where you practice meditation, yoga asana, where you lie down to read, to relax.

Share with us how does “your refuge” or “home of peace” looks like. If you want, send us a photo, so we can share it.