Movement: Dancing as a Family

Movement: Dancing as a Family

From our family, we propose you to dance and move. You can do it with the whole family or alone.

Invite your family, your children, your parents, nephews, etc. to dance and let the body express what is inside. We can accumulate many tensions, emotions, thoughts. There are times when it is difficult to sit and meditate, so why not move …

By dancing:

  • We concentrate the mind on the movement that arises
  • We listen to the body through movement
  • We delve into our body and sensations
  • We listen to our emotions that arise with movement
  • We allow ourselves to open up and express ourselves
  • We release tensions that we accumulate
  • It helps us relax
  • It help us raise our energy up
  • It helps us to connect with our essence

Let’s keep dancing!

This video below is in Spanish, but it is just an example of what you can do at home, either in silence at the beginning, to connect with the body, the movement and the sensations, and then you can turn the music on…