Holidays are coming up, and with them, a time of big meals, excess of food and of sweetness running through our veins. We would like to invite you to try a healthy, homemade and nutritious alternative to the usual nutella we find in stores. This one is made with few ingredients and that you can enjoy on fruit, toasted bread or puff pastry (for an easy quick dessert).

370g hazelnuts
13 – 15 dates and boiled water to soak
1 – 2 tbsp honey
3 tsp cocoa powder
1 pinch of salt and another of cinnamon

Note: Set aside the water you soaked them in so you can gradually add it to the mix, in order to reach desired texture.


We can spread nutella on puff pastry, braid it and bake it!


Firstly, remove the pits from the dates, chop the dates into small pieces and soak them in previously boiled water.

Then toast the hazelnuts on a pan or in the oven (180ºC) for a few minutes until they become golden/toasted on the sides. It’s important to pay attention as they easily burn and become bitter if we are distracted doing other things.

Add the hazelnuts and pinch of salt to the food processor or Vitamix (don’t use a hand blender!) and blend until the hazelnuts become a creamy butter. This process can take between 8-10 minutes, depending on the power of your food processor. At the beginning, the hazelnuts will become flour. Use a spatula to clean the sides of the food processor when needed, and keep blending until reaching a creamy texture. We wouldn’t recommend adding water or oil (or anything) until you get the hazelnut butter consistency.

Once reached, add all the ingredients, as well as a bit of the water the dates were soaking in. Blend until you have a homogenous nutella. You can add more water to make it lighter, more “moussy”. This depends on your preferred texture.

Store in a well closed jar, in the fridge, for up to 3-4 days (it will depend on the amount of water in the nutella).


Homemade nutella with fruit