“My actions are my only true belongings.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Yoga & Meditative Hiking in Casa Cuadrau


Welcome to Casa Cuadrau, an ecologic Yoga, Art and Nature retreat center, in a majestic corner of the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. In a high and open valley with beautiful mountains in all directions, lies the tiny village of Vio. In this surpassing setting, a unique retreat experience is offered. Discover Yoga as an Art of Living and learn simple tools that can help you live in harmony with nature wherever you are.

Reconnect to the rhythms of nature and enjoy the luxury of simplicity in this hidden paradise.



 Puente del Pilar Casa Cuadrau

Yoga & Meditative Hiking Long Weekend Retreat

October 9th to 12th

Come, walk in a paradise of calm, surrounded by natural beauty. Practice yoga and meditation daily and become mindful of each present moment and action.

The Yoga & Meditative Hiking Retreats are special vacations designed to alleviate the exhaustion and stress by connecting with ancient practices, the programme will allow you to experience deep relaxation and recharge your vital energy. In between the activities, you will have time to rest and recharge, enjoy each present moment, in solitude or with the group. Experience a holistic practice of Yoga, connecting with our true nature.

We offer a program designed sothat everyone can immerse in the experience of inner retreat, beyond the mind and the emotions. Our greatest learning experiences come from listening to nature. Cultivating silence helps to enrich this experience.

Listen to your body, change your habits and fill yourself with energy in a yoga retreat.


  • Be transparent; let everything flow freely, without interfering mentally or emotionally, just being present.
  • Connect with the animal that you are, to find the right step, your own rhythm and pace.
  • Feel everything that happens inside and outside of you.
  • Learn to listen to the silence.
  • Pay attention to the action of walking and everything which is involved physically; movement, breathing, and sensations.

Yoga classes, guided meditations, meditative hiking, Satsangs, etc. (english & spanish language)

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Yoga, Hiking and Nature: “Our place in the Universe”

March 21st to 27th, 2016.

A profound experience of yoga, meditation, meditative hiking and a series of special workshops on the wonders of the universe, the stars, our place in and our relationship with the cosmos. All of this facilitating our  understanding and our connection with our true nature.

An opportunity to stop and contemplate the stars in a pure environment where the skies offer us nightly spectacles.  Giving ourselves time to admire the wonders of the earth, our home, awakening the sensitivity and connection with nature.

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 meditation in nature

Silence & Deep Rest Retreat with Open Dharma:
Meditation, Yoga & Meditative Hiking

Facilitators: Gemma Polo and Daniel Benito

From May 28th to June 3rd, 2016. 

We will combine the lying down meditation with yoga and meditative hiking.

Open Dharma teachings have spread worldwide since 1999 and many people have been transformed by this smooth entry into the inner self, without straining, but from relaxation, silence, and deep rest which open a space beyond the mind, letting us in contact with the living source of wisdom.

Gemma Polo will gently combine inspiration words and accompaniment both collectively and individually.

Consciously walking in nature, guided by Daniel Benito, will let us remember our essence and become one with the whole.

The practice of yoga to awaken and to discover our body, and the meditative chant, will be the doors to enter other more subtle states.

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 Meditative Hiking at Casa Cuadrau Yoga Art Nature

Long Meditative Trekking & Yoga Retreat

Includes 2 or 3-day trekking excursion through the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

June 18th to 24th, 2016

A unique retreat experience, combining the practice of yoga, meditation and meditative trekking. Immersing deeply in the wilderness of heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees.

The first 3 days we will prepare physically and mentally, in Cuadrau Cuadrau and surroundings,  through yoga classes (hatha yoga and vinyasa), meditation sessions, meditative walks and satsangs to share our learnings experiences.

Then, we will go on a exciting meditative trekking for 2 or 3 days in the mountains, allowing us to discover their secrets and treasures, through our own experience and with beautiful explanations specialized mountain guides in the massif of Monte Perdido.

The last day we will rest and relax through restorative yoga sessions, massage, guided relaxations, etc, getting ready to go back home full of energy and vitality.

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 Carme Torrent Retiro de Yoga de Cachemira Body Weather y Senderismo Casa Cuadrau

Yoga, Body Weather and the Meditative Hiking
with Carme Torrent and Daniel Benito

From June 25th to July 1st, 2016

In this extraordinary retreat we will practice essentially three distinct disciplines, which have different origins, but which all embody the same essence and principles.

Kashmir Yoga comes from Tantric non-dualist Kashmir Shaivism according to the teaching of Jean Klein. In this practice, the asanas are special moments in which we sense the tranquility that lies at the heart of all life. Time between the asana practice is dedicated to meditation allowing us space to familiarise ourselves with our body’s natural absorption and vibrational state that arises unexpectedly during these moments.

We will explore the body just as it is in each moment – any areas where we feel emptiness, tension or reaction. Without trying to change, improve or relax our body, instead allowing the truth of the present moment to be as it is. Welcoming everything without comentary or judgement, and allowing deep listening to become the guiding principle, without expecting anything in return.

Body weather is a whole movement practice which helps us develop mindfulness and cultivate a connection between body-mind-environment. It can also be understood as a dynamic meditation practice in which we develop our ability to listen in a holistic way. Listening with real sensivity and opening all of our senses and the pores of our skin, paying attention to ourselves, those around us and the environment.

During the retreat, we will carry out a series of improvisation exercises that will allow us to open our body and give it space and tranquility.

During the meditative walks we connect with our internal nature, as well as with our external surroundings, allowing our perception of nature to flow through all our senses, including those we may not even be aware of. Perceptions and sensations flowing from inside to outside and visaversa.

Walking in silence we can find a natural state of calmness and harmony within ourselves and with everything around us. In this state our minds can experience a deep sense of rest.

All activities in Spanish with English translation.

During the retreat there will be offered 2 longer meditative treks in Ordesa National Park and surroundings.

¡For all levels of practice!

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“A day of Yoga, Meditation and Hiking in the Pyrenees”